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Posted by feelfit (Member # 12770) on :
I am experiencing what seems to be a tightening of my throat when I take my Mepron/Biaxin. I have had swallowing issues long before this and cannot determine whether or not it is a result of the meds or the thickness of the mepron.

In any case, I also get real mucousy. This lasts for about an hour after dosing and then goes away.

Any thoughts?

I have no itching, difficulty breathing, hives, etc.

Posted by AliG (Member # 9734) on :
Are you taking the Mepron with a fatty meal?
Posted by feelfit (Member # 12770) on :
I think so. I eat 17 walnuts, yogurt, and two tablespoons of peanutbutter. I did the fat gram count and it appears adequate.
Posted by sutherngrl (Member # 16270) on :
Sorry you are dealing with this!

I have had tightening of the throat issue almost constantly this whole year. Sometimes it feels like someone has their hands around my throat choking me. Sometimes it gets a little better.

Don't know if this helps or not, but.....A new weird thing that happened to me, is that I have been getting eye pain, light sensitivity and a mild to moderate headache the last few months; so my doc put me on some migraine medication. $27.00 per pill!!! It is for ppl that only have migraines a couple of times a month.

Anyway, the other day I took one of these pills 2 days in a row and ever since my throat has been better. Maybe this is a coincidence; but it makes me wonder if the throat issue is caused from something that is happening in my brain.

I feel that it is either a cranial nerve issue or something to do with the blood vessels. I am sort of migraine ignorant so I don't exactly know what causes a migraine. But I am wondering if these 2 issues are related.
Posted by AliG (Member # 9734) on :
Have you eaten the walnuts, peanut butter & yogurt apart from the meds?

Are you drinking a glass of water to make sure it all goes down?

I wonder what triggers the "mucousy".

Could it be a "leaky gut" thing, where something you're eating with it could trigger allergy symptoms? Could it be a food sensitivity?

Peanuts can contain some mold, I think. Perhaps if you try almond butter instead it might be helpful.

Have you tried taking it with something else fatty?

Perhaps try 2 Tablespoons of butter on something or 2 Tablespoons Marie's creamy salad dressing on a salad with your meal(others might have the fat content, but I happen to remember that content from when I did Mepron [Roll Eyes] )

If you try something entirely different with it for a dose, you'll be better able to tell if it's the Mepron vs the foods.

Posted by AliG (Member # 9734) on :
I wonder if you drink some warm tea with lemon & a touch of honey right afterward, if that might thwart it.
Posted by bears1985 (Member # 17271) on :
It is just are ok.

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