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Posted by JJGable (Member # 22534) on :
So I ask my Doc for a Lyme test. He writes "Lyme Titer" on the script. I get blood taken, wait a week and here are my results:
Referance Range:
<0.9 Negative
0.91 - 1.09 Equivocal
>= 1.10 Positive

Thats all thats on the sheet. I'm negative.
But my question is, was that the Western Blott Test?????
Posted by Peedie (Member # 15355) on :
If you have symptoms - go see a LLMD. You can find one under the "find a Doctor" heading here.
The test you should have requested is the Western Blot. What you got was not the Western Blot. Looks to be the most worthless Elisa.
Posted by Pinelady (Member # 18524) on :
No it is not WB. If you think you have borrelia

the best thing to do is find a LLMD to help you.

Explains WB and other testing problems.
Posted by WildCondor (Member # 434) on :
Those tests mean nothing. What your doc did was an ELISA, a worthless test. Western Blots don't mean much either and have all kinds of problems. All Lyme disease tests are very inaccurate, that is why Lyme disease is a clinical diagnosis.
Posted by coltman (Member # 21272) on :
If you want see lyme titers you have to run western blot, preferably IgeneX one. And its not guaranteed you will see it. Tests for lyme sucks

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