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Posted by btmb03 (Member # 18394) on :
I'm curious as to how babesia is treated in people with G6PD deficiency. Isn't this enzyme supposed to make people immune to malaria, is babesia any different?

If anti-malarials cannot be used to this deficiency, then how can people improve??

What labs are most commonly used or are patients sent to the nearest research facility?

Thanks for any input/feedback!
Posted by btmb03 (Member # 18394) on :
anyone? Wonder how many people on LN have been dx with the G6PD deficiency??
Posted by soleil16 (Member # 16326) on :
I don't know yet if I have it, I've just had blood drawn for the test. My dad has this, so I wonder because I also have a very hard time with sulfa. My LLMD said that enula, cryptolepsis are good places to start.
Posted by btmb03 (Member # 18394) on :
Soleil16 - thx for that information. I'll cross my fingers that you don't have it. Isn't it predominantly a male thing? Sorry bad wording, too foggy to think today. Good luck and do post when you find out!

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