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Posted by pryorka (Member # 13649) on :
Why buy nutramedix quina or enula when we can get the same thing for a waaayyy better price from rain-tree or 1stchineseherbs and stuff like that?

Plus the quina uses the cinchoa tree that's lowest in alkaloids whereas the quinine powder that's sold is usually the one highest in alkaloids.
Does anyone know if there's a reason behind the huge markup in price?? Because as far as I can tell they're making a killing off people.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

Yes, it is great to know of all the sources available. It's good to point that out. Kaylx is another good source, in addition to those you listed.

For those ordering from other places, just be sure you get the same potency matching up with either raw herb or extract or comparing the strengths and additives of tinctures.

It is always vital to read from MANY different sources - all the research you can.

PubMed, too, has abstracts on many complementary items. Look always for the real name (not a brand or trade name) when searching.

Posted by pamoisondelune (Member # 11846) on :
I take Elecampane extract instead of Enula. It's a lot cheaper. There was discussion about this before. Elecampane is the main ingredient of Enula.
My suspicion is that they added the other two obscure herbs so they could give it another name and sell it for a fancy price.

---Polly Polygonum
Posted by tosho (Member # 10191) on :
the ingredients of Enula are:
Elecampane root extract
Vitis tiliafolia stem extract
Ipomoea jalapa root extract

I think Elecampane's other name is 'Inula helenium' (hence the name "Enula")
Inula helenium is a very cheap herb. I know of one Lymie that herxed from it.
Posted by tosho (Member # 10191) on :
Ok, I've found an email from this person and he said he had a significant herx and he was taking 1/2 teaspoon of powdered inula helenium twice daily.
He said it has to be taken in a powdered form (no decoction).

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