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Posted by selfhealer (Member # 22115) on :
I just made another thread Id love to get some responses on, but just wanted to ask an odd question.

For YEARS now, Ive had this terrible itch on the sole of my right foot that really only acts up at night.

It is a REALLY deep itch. Its not a skin issue/athletes foot sort of thing at ALL.

The skin is totally clear and clean, but there is this incredibly strong and persistent itch that feels like its deep in the tissue/muscle. It often keeps me up for hours at night.

Anyhow, I recently was dx with babesia and ehrlichia (neg for lyme so far, but I will be retested for lyme after my ABX course for my co-infections).

Im now wondering if its possible that my terrible foot itch could be due to my co-infections or lyme (if it turns out I have lyme).

Does anyone here experience any itching like Ive described, or know if this babesia or ehrlichia or lyme could cause this terrible foot itch? Or is it totally unrelated/

Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
anyone? on page 2
Posted by Liz D (Member # 16739) on :
This comes and goes for me and when I have it its almost unbearable. My feet itch, burn, prickle and 'fizz'.. and is worse at night. Am hoping with treatment bart/babs/borrelia it will go away. hope yours clears up soon too. Liz D
Posted by Vermont_Lymie (Member # 9780) on :
When my feet itch, I put oregano oil on them. Bad itching can be due to a foot fungus (like a foot yeast infection), and the oregano oil always words virtually immediately for me.

Even if it feels like a deep muscle itch and not a skin itch, it might be worth a try! I use oil of oregano as needed. It is powerful stuff against yeast. Hope that helps.
Posted by DeniseNM (Member # 11182) on :
I had an uncontrollable itch/rash on my shins for over two years off and on.

When I did a course of anti-parasitics, it went away! So I think mine was a reaction to parasites.

Now, I'm noticing a slight increase in deep itchy spots on my legs/feet, and have asked to do an antiparasitic course again.
Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
general itching can mean your liver is tired(overworked-whatever) and detox might help

i get foot itching also

i use oreg oil or fill my sox with corn starch and put them on

usually one of those things lets me get back to sleep
Posted by selfhealer (Member # 22115) on :
Thanks for the responses
However, I must stress that the itch I am experiencing is DEFINITELY NOT a skin/rash issue. I could not be more positive that the itch Im experiencing has nothing to do with a skin/dermatological issue, but rather it involves either deep tissue/muscle or a nerve issue.

There is absolutely no rash, discoloration or any other sign that would suggest it was a skin issue.

Additionally, this itch has persisted for at least 6 years. In all that time there has never been any sort of skin issue.

Im just wondering if anyone here knows if this type of itching is associated with babesia or ehrlichia, since I recently tested positive for both of those.

Its totally possible that my infections have nothing to do with the itch, but since I do have these infections, I thought I'd ask if anyone knows if these infections can cause this symptom. Thanks-SH
Posted by selfhealer (Member # 22115) on :
Thank you but Ive really tried to stress several times in this thread that my itch is NOT due to a fungal, rash or any other dermatological cause.
Posted by AliG (Member # 9734) on :
I believe that I've had what you are describing. I had an itch in the ball of my foot that I couldn't possibly scratch deep enough to reach.

It made me NUTS!!!!!! I would have liked to have dug a hole in my foot at times just to try to make it stop.

I have no idea what caused it or what relieved it but it's been gone for a long time.

I've tested positive for/been Dxd with Babesiosis, Neuroborreliosis, Anaplasmosis, Mycoplasma pneumonia, EBV, & HSV-1.

If it wasn't one of those causing it, one of my treatments must have resolved it.

I know there's a parasite(worm?) that you can pick up through your foot by walking barefoot on soil. I don't know if it could have been something like that. ?????

I'm sure that I probably tried every possible antifungal treatment at the time & have no clue if that was what relieved it. It was so long ago.

Sorry I can't be more helpful. Sorry you've got that dreadful itch. [group hug] [Frown]
Posted by lightparfait (Member # 22022) on :
MIne was definately toxins...and candida!

Could not see the Candida at first...but when I did a detox foot bath, loads came out.

Also metals came out.

I continued to do home foot baths, with epsom salts and hydrogen peroxide...and then the white fungus/candida appeared on my feet!

ARe better now. Could be a combo of things for you. The feet collect these toxins...
Posted by Pinelady (Member # 18524) on :
I had that for over a year before I found Lyme. Try a fresh lemon-rub juice on feet, let sit a few minutes and rinse. Stops the itch.
Posted by MindfulOne (Member # 22938) on :
The foot itch may be from the nerves. Irritated nerves, especially in the back, can refer pain and other sensations to different parts of the body. Frequently, people with low back pain, tension feel referred pain in their legs, knees, feet and ankles. Similarly, irritated nerves along the neck, upper back, etc., frequently refer pain and other sensations down the shoulder, arm, wrists, and hands. Nerve 'pain' may be interpreted as itching, tingling, burning, cold, vibrating, etc. Does your back hurt or feel tight when your foot itches? Does your foot itch when your body is in a particular position? Also, allergic responses to foods, drugs, and other things can cause inflammation, which can result in increased pressure on nerves causing/aggravating these same symptoms. Are you diabetic or pre-diabetic? Just some ideas...
Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
I have no idea what causes my itches, and some are on the feet. So I just try anything for anti-itch relief, and that's what I suggest you do, is go through all the anti-itch remedies to see which one will work.

2% ketoconazole cream works for mine - and I don't see any fungal stuff, anything, it's just invisible itching.

Calamine lotion works in other places.

Oh, Lyme only here, no co's.

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