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Posted by O2Btickfree2 (Member # 9742) on :
Does anyone else have this issue. I cannot sit with out a high back and even then for maybe two hours. It makes me so weak i can hardly walk. the other day i sat to long and it literally effected me down my legs. I cannot stand for long either. I get pain in my neck bone and then it radiates down my back. I literally feel like my strength is being sucked out of me.

Im in bed and i know i need to do something i love to draw but my muscles wont allow me to do that. Im on baxin right now. I had this with the first bout of lyme i had for 8 years. Then for 6 years it all went away. Unless i over did would i feel this. Now its constant in fact why i went back to the lyme doc.

I have diabetes or pre diabetes. My lyme doc put me on stuff for yeast. I also have high bp.
And i have low thyroid. I have lost weight quickly over the last two months. Which is great i need to loose lots of weight. But for some reason i am feeling weaker and weaker.

Thanks terry
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :

first to me, you need to get UP MORE OFTEN. my bod starts going numb if i've sat that long!

at least you were blessed with losing weight ... good for diabetes and HI BP! have no other advise at this hour... up for day shift.

Posted by Pinelady (Member # 18524) on :
If you just started back on treatment I would expect those symptoms. I know it is terrible, awful, miserable, but bettyg is probably right. Find a way to keep moving and stay away from the sugars. If you can find a massage therapist a gentle lymph massage may make you feel better.
Posted by O2Btickfree2 (Member # 9742) on :
I am not totally bed ridden i make ten trips up and down stairs all day and i also go out to eat with hubby. Just cant get enough strenght to do much else. Starting now to have dizzy spells and sugar is fine checking it regularly. I dont know why im the least bit surprised i have been down this road for 8 years and 6 none symptom years.

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