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Posted by caoimhin (Member # 19152) on :
Hi everybody,

I was successfully treated with Flagyl in February by a great doctor in New Jersey. All of my symptoms, which included mental fogginess, rib pain, muscle aches, lower back pain, and widespread twitching, went away within a month.

Recently, I've put my body through considerable stress. I've started law school--which means all nighters, poor diet, psychological stress, etc.--and I've had the flu within the past few weeks.

In the past few weeks, I've noticed that my widespread twitching has returned, as have the foginess, some of the muscle aches, and to a lesser extent the back pain.

Given the timeframe, does this sound like it could be a recurrence caused by my lowered resistance and increased stress? I remember reading that the spirochetes can become active again in such circumstances.

Should I make another appointment with the LLMD? I would have done that first, but it's rather expensive, so I thought I'd throw it to the community first. What do you all think?
Posted by glm1111 (Member # 16556) on :
Check into the possibility of having parasites which can be a big factor with Lyme. Do a search on here under parasites and Lyme and check out the symptom list at Humaworm,

has a very good parasite forum and also one for Lyme,

Posted by Myco (Member # 9536) on :
Flagyl itself is not enough. Doxy, Zithromax and Flagyl is a good one, two three punch. You want to get the bug in all of it's stages.

Also, you should be tested for co-infections. I would definitely advise seeing a good LLMD and following his treatment plan to nip this in the bud.

See someone now! Don't delay! Better to get it sooner, because later could mean a lifetime.
Posted by caoimhin (Member # 19152) on :
Thanks so much for your response--

So you do think that the bacteria could have simply gone dormant?

In reply to one of your suggestion, I did test positive for Ehrlichia.
Posted by IckyTicky (Member # 21466) on :
I think the bacteria went into cyst form and now that you are not on treatment and have started the stressful lifestyle it has resurfaced to wreck havoc again.

I have been in treatment for 17 months and when I stop treatment for just a couple weeks my old symptoms start returning. I also have the bodywide muscle twitching.

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