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Posted by daystar1952 (Member # 3255) on :
The media is only offering one main way to fight off the flu...vaccines..despite the fact that there are many natural ways to stay healthy and to prevent the flu.

The only natural means I have heard about from the media are washing hands, not shaking hands,and getting rest. We should ask ourselves why this is so.

My conclusion and the conclusion of a growing number of that natural means do not make any money for the drug companies. Instead they are creating fear for the purpose of selling vaccines.The propaganda and deceit is immense.

Several years ago at the National Influenza Vaccine Summit...2004..Glen Nowak of the CDC gave a power point presentation instructing on how to create demand for the flu vaccine. Generating fear was the basic message.

About halfway through the article at this link, I summarized the main points of this CDC "RECIPE that Fosters Higher Interest and Demand For Influenza Vaccine." The drug companies are meshed with our government and don't always have our best interests at heart.

Another short article talks about how the flumist vaccine may actually be creating a market for the injectable vaccine. You can also find other articles here which deal with vaccine concerns.

I thought it might be helpful, if it hasn't already been done in relation to the start a thread on how to kill flu and other germs naturally. I posted a bit about salt and water at the link below
Posted by Marnie (Member # 773) on :
Chlorine kills many very deadly germs too.

But it takes a 50% clorax solution to kill deadly HIV (on a countertop) and several minutes for it to work...I was told years ago.

For many germs lemon juice works too and believe it or not...lemon has been used historically as a contraceptive to kill sperm.

Many of our cleaning products are going back to containin the safer, effective "acids".

Lemons, oranges...vinegar...
Posted by catskillmamala (Member # 12536) on :
According to an article published in the New York Times recently, cinnamon oil kills germs:
Posted by grandmother (Member # 19908) on :
Cinnamon also gets rid of ants.

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Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :

Thanks for posting this information. Interesting!

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Can you say if it is the oil or powdered kind. I HATE ants and they just keep loving me!




You said.. "For many germs lemon juice works too and believe it or not...lemon has been used historically as a contraceptive to kill sperm."

I know what my mouth feels like when I stick a wedge of lemon in it.

Knowing that... I can't imagine who could have come up with the idea to put the lemon wedge elsewhere to try to kill the sperm.


BAD Tincup!

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Posted by Rumigirl (Member # 15091) on :
Very funny, TC!!!
Posted by grandmother (Member # 19908) on :

powdered cinnamon
Posted by daystar1952 (Member # 3255) on :
Cinnamom seems to be a popular new remedy.I use cinnamon chips in tea with other herbs but haven't tried it yet in capsules.

It's amazing to me how people used to use certain spices with certain foods...not just for flavor reasons but for certain medicinal purposes or to somehow change the character of the food to make it more valuable to the human system. They seemed to use trial and error and instinct.

Bee balm, Monarda, Bergamot are three terms for the same plant. Oh yes...and Oswego tea is another name.The Oswego Indians used to use this flowering plant/herb for sickness. It can be used for the flu as it is an antibacterial, antiviral...and can't remember it may also be an anifungal.

I'm going to be researching into it a bit more. Bee balm is a pretty flower, it attracts hummingbirds and bees. It's easy to grow, comes back every year and spreads. I grow the red variety and use the flower petals in salads. I have also made a tincture with it for this winter.

I have dried a bunch of the leaves and flowers for seasoning food(related to oregano)and for teas. Last night I mixed some dried beebalm with licorice root for sweetner and spearmint and lemon verbena to mellow out the taste. Bee balm is supposed to be good for fevers.

It's kind of fun to grow your own medicine. Herbs are not much work and they can aide in prevention
Posted by massman (Member # 18116) on :
A lemon wedgie ?
Posted by j_liz (Member # 20496) on :
I was told to clean my c-pap mask, hose, and humidifier with vinegar. I had read an email saying about using as a disinfectant.

I went grocery shopping a few days ago and afterward thought I should have had a disinfectant with me to clean the handle of the cart. Can you imagine the germs on them?

Posted by Skyler (Member # 11549) on :
Daystar, Thank you so much for bringing up this point! It's so upsetting to see how our government is often too close with the pharmaceutical companies.

My mother was exposed to the swine flu at a party (This idiot woman who was sick with the swine flu [tested positive for it at the doctor's office] came to this small fundraiser house party my mother attended. She had no concern that she might get others ill. I was livid after my mother told me about this! Still am.)

My mother just took ample amounts of elderberry extract and luckily she did not get sick. My mother was very much exposed, as the woman was coughing and sneezing the entire time my mother mother was talking to her.

Keep your home stocked with elderberry this flu season. It's supposed to be great at preventing colds and flus. And it tastes good!

Before this happened to my mother, I truly thought people who were sick would be staying out of the public. Now,
I am concerned for all chronically ill people out there because if this woman would attend an event that was not mandatory in her life, just a silly small party where she knew everyone who she was putting at risk, you know there are others out there who also have no regard for others health and well being. It's pretty scary.

And thank you, Daystar, for posting about Bee Balm/Bergamot. I will be adding that to the list of vitamins I take daily.
Posted by lightparfait (Member # 22022) on :
Theives brand essential oil...has antibacterial antiviral properties.

They also have cleaning solution.

There have been other posts on this and natural remedies for preventing the swin flu, or remedies after getting the swin flu...for quicker recovery.

Many here have had success they say.

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