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Posted by txgirl09 (Member # 21612) on :
I've had tummy troubles (stomach pain) for years. It is usually after I eat, and especially high protein foods. Don't know why. Several years ago, I had a full workup. I had every test known to man done on my stomach to find nothing.

Eventually, my stomach pain went away.

It is now slowly creeping back. I wonder if its the high protein diet, or the abx are tearing my stomach apart? I've been on abx for 3 months now. The other day I made a protein shake, and had horrible stomach pain. Anyone else have these problems? Or just me?

I am taking lots of probiotics.

I don't want to get to where I have to stop my abx.
Posted by massman (Member # 18116) on :
Not enough.....(gasp) acid !
Posted by txgirl09 (Member # 21612) on :
Not enough acid? Really? What do I do for this?
Posted by btmb03 (Member # 18394) on :
Hi txgirl09, a former CFS doc used to give HCL (hydrochloric acid) and enzymes to help the gut - he too felt CFS (now Lyme) pts had too little acid.

In a balanced state the acid helps open the pyloric valve empty the digested food many CFS/Lyme pts end up having reflux, a "poisoned" feeling.

I had that for many years and lost a ton of weight despite the HCL and digestive enzymes which did not help me at all.

Frankly treating this illness is the only thing that has helped (of course probiotics, healthy diet, etc.).

My GI probs have also suddenly reared their ugly head and I'm taking a fresh ginger concoction which seems to be helping somewhat. My previous post describes it.

Sorry I'm no help, perhaps this is more a part of the ebb and flow of this illness? Feel better soon!

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