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Posted by samanthajolyme (Member # 23181) on :
Lookingfor confirmation that babesia can be related to overactive bladder and what are prevalent treatment options?
Posted by Kathryn (Member # 17034) on :
My daughter's LLMD has told us that Bartonella and Borrelia often target the bladder. That's been one of her symptoms that is improving with treatment. I've not heard that about Babesia causing bladder problems...
Posted by btmb03 (Member # 18394) on :
Notice you just joined us..welcome! I don't think there is any organ system *not* affected by Lyme + co's and I've wondered the same thing.

Has your daughter had her ADH checked? (anti-diuretic hormone) You might want to do a search on LN. Many of us with completely normal ADH levels continue to have this problem.

I think in the past many said this improved with treatment. Good luck.
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
welcome samantha [Smile]

read dr. burrascano's lyme guidelines which are shown in my welcome letter link below; he shows the treatment there for each co-infection and lyme.
Posted by Skyler (Member # 11549) on :
After I got Lyme and Babesia at age 4(and we did not know), I developed bladder muscle spasms along with neck muscle spasms and pain.

I always felt like I had to use the bathroom which is stressful when you are 5 and have a teacher who yells at anyone who asks to use the bathroom...

The doctors kept telling my parents I was neurotic, and had high anxiety... but I was not a "high anxiety person" what so ever. It just never made any sense.

Now That I have gotten a proper diagnosis (17 years later) Looking back, I saw that my bladder spasms first appeared with the first symptoms I had of Lyme Disease.

Luckily, after about a year, my bladder spasms passed, and I get a very short re occurrence maybe once a year? Not often enough for me to even complain.
Posted by Jane2904 (Member # 15917) on :
Our daughter has Lyme, Bart, Erhliciosis.

Her LymeMD said that both Lyme and Bart can affect the Bladder. Her bladder symptoms have finally improved a little bit. We started treatment in May for Lyme and finally the co infections.

Before her Lyme diagnosis in 2008, she would have to urinate almost every 20 minutes. Then it improved slightly.

Before beginning the new treatment in May, 2009 , she would go every hour, now it is a bit better . Dr. says it takes awhile for the bladder symptoms to get better.

Headaches, anxiety, then urinary symptoms were the first symptoms to be noticed.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
I had babesia and Lyme. I was dxd with Interstitial Cystitis before my lyme dx... BUT... I'd had Lyme for MANY yrs and didn't know it.

I think IC can be caused by Lyme... but who knows... it could be from bart or babesia.

"overactive bladder" is a joke of a diagnosis. If there is PAIN involved, then it's likely IC.

PS .. My IC is 80-90% better after successful treatment!

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