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Posted by laurisabelle222 (Member # 16591) on :
If so, why did it happen and what did u do about it?
Posted by Skyler (Member # 11549) on :
Yes! That is what I am deal with now, and Its soooo very upsetting.

I was not completely well, probably 80% better. But I lost all progress I made in a very short period of time.

I think It had to do with stress and working myself too hard. There was SO much stress in my life in such a short period of time.

Also, when I got better, I lived it up, not really giving myself a chance to rest as much as I probably should have.

Now I am paying for it.
Posted by secondtimearound (Member # 7249) on :

The first time I went untreated for a long time (15 different docs) finally found one who treated me. Got better after a year on meds.

Stayed well for almost 4 years and it came back full force. Not sure why - don't think I got bit again because the sypmtoms were identical. That was my second time.

I attacked it with everything, actually overdid it and created a huge yeast issue so I was taken off meds which turned out to be a benefit because I found rife, combined that with meds briefly as well as salt/c and got better again. Of course it wasn't that simple, it was rough and I learned a lot about this disease and also developed a patience I never had.

Short answer is - yes it happens. as a matter of fact I'm back again because I got bit last Saturday and will treat the same way as the second time.

Let me know if I can help!

All My Best,
Posted by CherylSue (Member # 13077) on :
Yes, I've had 3 year and 11 month remissions. The third time it took me 3 years to achieve 85% functioning where I am now. I work full time now.

Each relapse took more out of me and I never quite achieved the level I had before. I'm also getting older. I've been struggling with this for 9 1/2 years.

My advice: find a good doc who will test you for everything including lyme, viruses, mycoplasma, and other coinfections. You have to treat everything to get better functioning. Don't try to treat yourself.

Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Hey!! You ARE crazy!! [Big Grin]

That's the definition of "relapse" .. getting worse after being well.
Posted by O2Btickfree2 (Member # 9742) on :
Unfortunatly yes i was well for 6 years. I would have some symptoms mostly when i over did.

I think in my case i had surgery and they gave me iv antibiotics i got better after that it seemed.

My relaps i believe was due to a fall i had. Went from a standing possition to my rump hurt something awefull. Then had problems with siactic and arther in that area. Coarse my leg gave way after that and i cracked my skull on the door frame and had a mild concussion. Then seemed i went down hill from there. Tried to not believe it was back but with a cold i took abx and they made me feel awefull. Finally i got so tired i havent been able to get out of bed much. My back gives out if i stand or sit much.

What am i doing im back at the doctor taking abx. And Not happy im having to go threw this again at all. Thought those days were behind me. But i had lyme so bad the docs said i would never get over it. I just didnt want to believe them. Im a christian and still holding on to the belief that i will be healed. Until then i will just wait it out and take meds.

I actually dont feel like anything is better since meds. I have been on generic baxin and just dont feel any better. Actually feel worse more tired and weak feeling. I'm also loosing weight which is a good thing for me im over weight. But it makes me feel puny. Or just being sick does not sure which.

Dont let your relaps worry you i believe if we can feel better once it will happen again. The hard part is not knowing when and having to wait to get better.

Oh and one more thing i think we relaps because of the cyst form. I was told stress or trama can cause them to open and start the infection over again. As long as we have cyst form i guess we are in danger of relaps. But i understand meds can get rid of the cyst form.

Feel Better sooooon.
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Yep. Don't know why it happened.

I was off abx for 6 - 7 mos and functioning about 90% on most days.

Relapsed recently - and was just sick about it. (literally)

Now... pulsing abx for the first time. Have definitely herxed.

Not back up to where I was before, but hoping to be back there soon.
Posted by djf2005 (Member # 11449) on :

back to square one

6-8 months remission after 18 months tx, relapsed due to overworking and not listening to my body and stopped meds.

like most of you i thought i was over it. unfortunately i dont think that happens.

im back on tx w/ a different approach and hope to be more functional again in a few months.

time will tell.

be persistent, and keep at it.

we will all get back there, and hopefully be wiser for it this time around..

Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Just teasing, Laurisa! [Razz]
Posted by Deb133 (Member # 18544) on :
my daughter relapsed after 3 months. Very depressing! Back on orals and she is already

doing much better. Had a tetanus/pertussis booster in Sept and then everything went haywire.

Hopefully, if you are or do relapse you will come back quickly as you will probably have caught it

earlier this time.

Deb G
Posted by lymebytes (Member # 11830) on :
My son was sick at age 7, went on IV followed by orals and recovered to normal within a few months.

10 years later, age 17, just starting to work out at the gym he scraped his knee, got a staph infection and that brought Lyme back to life. I recognized it immediately and he was on abx within a couple days high doses and within 3 months was well...or so we thought. A few months later, he relapsed to a degree he has never been, so bad he was hallucinating, one of about 30 symptoms.

Started w/Flagyl and a sulfa, moved on to high dose doxy, then mino, back to doxy and then on to Bicillin for 9 months - all fairly high doses. In the middle of feeling like hell, he got into a "serious" work out program because he read what Burrascano said "more important than abx is exercise" - he would work out at his sickest.

It has taken 2 years, he has worked hard for this recovery - he is healthy again and he is also a BIG strong guy from all that working out. He looks and feels good. He says he will never stop lifting weights (he also does infrared saunas) and I think that will keep him well a lifetime this time. I pray.

Me - never gotten there yet in 3.5 years of treatment. I had 30 days once in the first year of tx of feeling about 85% and then 90 days this past summer of feeling at about the same, 85% and crashed both times.

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