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Posted by METALLlC BLUE (Member # 6628) on :
Does anyone have a left over supply of this stuff? I imagine most of us do given how disgusting it is. Am I right, right? Yeah, you know I am.

Nasty stuff, seriously. Yellow, oozing,....*shudders*.

I saw no results with the stuff. I did see great results with Malarone though.
Posted by Tincup (Member # 5829) on :
At $750.00 a bottle for a 3 week supply?

You've got to be kidding!

If a drop splashed in the sink while I was putting it in my spoon...

I'd stick my head in the sink and lick it up!

Dirty dishes or not!

Posted by seekhelp (Member # 15067) on :
I have a little, but I plan on trying it very soon. I agree TC, I spilled a few drops and I was licking the neighborhood waste site floor to recover it. Fortunately, I took some apple pectin to remove those toxins so all was good.

The price is absurd. I have the choice of doing high-dose Mepron with high-dose Zithromax or low-dose Zithromax with four Malarones a day. I've tested low positive for both strains of Babs. I'm so torn which way to go. I have a feeling I'd tolerate Malarone better based on my previous trials.
Posted by METALLlC BLUE (Member # 6628) on :
My insurance told me to go ***** myself when I tried to get approval for Zithromax. They can be real tool bags sometimes.
Posted by seekhelp (Member # 15067) on :
Yes, that's what's happening to me right now MB. They are not liking it and saying 4 pills is all I get. Nice. The pharmacy did say I could pick up my 15-day supply of Zith for $685. [rant]

I'm worried because I thouht Biaxin makes Malarone less effective and that's my other option.
Posted by daniella (Member # 6753) on :
I will take left over mepron..
Posted by bigstan (Member # 11699) on :
I was able to get both Zithromax (1 year supply) and Mepron (6 month supply) for free.

I don't know why more people don't use PPARX.

Yes I have insurance, but no prescription coverage.

What would I do without Montel Williams and PPARX.

Posted by seekhelp (Member # 15067) on :
I have Rx coverage so tough luck for me probably. [Frown] I'm glad it's out there for those in need though.
Posted by JamesNYC (Member # 15793) on :

This has been brought up before. PM this info as giving or selling prescription drugs is illegal.
Posted by METALLlC BLUE (Member # 6628) on :
Stan, that's very interesting. Sounds like it could really help a lot of people.
Posted by Lymeorsomething (Member # 16359) on :
I have a new bottle on my shelf, shimmering like the Peruvian idol in Raiders of the Lost Ark. If you gently remove the slender beauty from its pedestal and displace the weight with just the right amount of bundled sand, the Mep could be yours, MB. Otherwise, you'll get a big ole rock headin' your way [Razz]
Posted by springshowers (Member # 19863) on :
MB What was the goal of your question? Since you said it did not help you?
Posted by bigstan (Member # 11699) on :
Metallic Blue, yes PPARX has been great for me. Not only have I got Mepron, and Zith, but also Levaquin, Doxy, Protonix, and Miniocin.

I've been telling people on this site about it. It doesn't really matter if you have prescription coverage. There are other criteria like income, household size, etc...

PPARX has many different pharmaceutical company programs, willing to help people.

I'm sure the Pharma's right it off.

I've saved a ton on Levaquin, and Mepron..

I encourage people to at least try..

[ 11-20-2009, 02:47 AM: Message edited by: bigstan ]
Posted by Lymeorsomething (Member # 16359) on :
Yes, it does appear to be helpful BStan.
Posted by METALLlC BLUE (Member # 6628) on :
You guys are too funny! I guess my goal was just to see who had a lot of it? Most of us have a freakin' pharmacy of garbage meds. It's sad and amusing at the same time to me.

It's like, nearly nothing works for me -- plus a lot of people can't tolerate it's nastynesss or side effects.

Like I said, strange question. I don't want or need any, nor am I offering any -- if that's what you're wondering. Just a strange question, that's all.
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
I used all mine up. Tincup, I took double that amount! It took close to three bottles per month! My insurance copay was only $25 for the three bottles, but insurance wouldn't pay for zithromax .... I took Biaxin (liked it better anyway).
Posted by seekhelp (Member # 15067) on :
Six, did your doc comment on Biaxin reducing Mepron's effectiveness or did he just jack up your dose to make up for it?

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