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Posted by Wonko (Member # 18318) on :
This may be impossible to answer technically, but does anyone have experience with how long a Herx from Tindamax will persist after stopping?

I just completed my 2nd pulse of this med (doing one week on, one week off, 500 mb bid). The first pulse was difficult but didn't greatly impact my level of functioning.

The second pulse has set me back a ways, and this is especially concerning to me because I have just recently resumed full time work. I've used several sick days due to my reaction to the Tindamax.

Many of my symptoms have resurfaced or worsened, but the most debilitating right now are a lot of fibromyalgia-like symptoms and brain fog/confusion.

I'd greatly appreciate any accounts from people who had difficulty with this med, especially how long after stopping it took to recover.

I was doing very well before, symptomatic but highly functional, working full time plus regularly exercising for over a month.

Thanks in advance.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Yikes!! Can you consider not taking it again?? I'd sure be tempted!!

I don't know the answer to your question... sorry. I sure hope you feel A-OK very soon.
Posted by Connieaag (Member # 15199) on :
Did you read the side effects? Maybe those are the issue?

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