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Posted by IckyTicky (Member # 21466) on :
For those of you who's LLMD will prescribe combo therapy.. what can be taken with Rocephin?

I'm on IM Rocephin right now and feeling pretty awesome. My brain/eyes use to click on and off on and off every morning and since starting Rocephin that doesn't happen anymore! After at least 2 years of it being an almost daily thing!

But some of my "MS" symptoms are coming back.. namely the buzzing in my heels.

I'm only on 1gm a week right now because of something to do with my neutrophils and lymphocytes not being right. High viral killers and low bacterial killers. I just had an immune panel done yesterday and will find out if that got any better (I'm taking Lauricidin and Acyclovir so I'm really hoping so!)

ANYWAYS... I am wondering what abx can be taken with Rocephin? I have a refill on my Doxy and I was wondering if that can be taken with it? Yes, I'd ask my LLMD first but I want to know if it CAN be taken with Rocephin.

(Also, I'm moving in a few days and will have to start giving myself the injections. My daughter or husband usually does it for me.. I may end up having to stop the Rocephin due to that. Plus allergic reactions can happen months after initial therapy and I'm going to be living out in the middle of nowhere on a mountain. Is there anything oral that is as good as Rocephin?
Posted by AnnaL (Member # 18464) on :
Yes, doxy can be taken with Rocephin.

Others that I know off the top of my head:


I don't know if you'd do as well on an oral cephlasporin. If you do have to stop Rocephin, you could try Ceftin or Omnicef and see if they are as helpful.
Posted by Connieaag (Member # 15199) on :
Daughter took Tindamax. Usually that or Flagyl every few days to break up cyst form.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
YES... cyst busters since you are creating cysts with Rocephin.
Posted by Hopeful2010 (Member # 22958) on :
I always thought that Flagyl could be taken with Rocephin. Today I looked up interactions and it had Flagyl as a possible interaction. I was confused. I was going to start Flagyl a few days a week. My doctor said it is ok but so I was surprised to see it on the interaction list.

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