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4 minute video on Lyme disease:

Under Our Skin Documentary:

New Video from France:
Lots of facts in here. Shows the scientific and political struggle behind lyme disease and why it is under reported.


Diagnosing Lyme disease:;f=2;t=015508;p=0

This explains why you have to find an LLMD and why they are being persecuted:

The Lyme Controversy:


What Makes a Lyme Doc Top Notch:

Western Blot Explanation

27 Reasons Your Lyme Test Could Come Back Negative

Why the ELISA is a junk test
Lyme and Coinfections Chart .. Excellent!

Candida Diet and Elimination:

Candida Free:

Another Candida Diet list:

Symptoms of Candida:

Systemic Yeast and its Importance in Remission:

Lyme and Coinfections Symptom List

Bartonella and Babesia symptoms list AND Dr Burrascano's checklist chart of symptoms:

Another lyme and coinfection list:

What to Expect from a Jarisch-Herxheimer Response:

Abbreviations for Lyme-speak

Making the most of your LLMD visit

More basic info on Lyme:

Do you need to DELETE or EDIT a post or thread?

Treepatrol's Links for Newbies

Generic Rocephin

Mepron Blues

Do not take Diflucan with Zithromax or Biaxin!!

Source of high quality supplements at a good price:;f=1;t=122840;p=0

Methylation Problems Lead to 100's of Diseases" by Suzy Cohen

RIFE THREAD for support and information:;f=1;t=088778;p=0#000000

Three Main Categories of Lyme Testing, by Tom Grier

Borrelia Miyamotoi


Many of us end up with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome:;f=3;t=036299;p=0

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