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Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
well i was semi-ok on the cruise. just diahhrea and itching...

now i'm home and the abdominal pain is really bad. i got absolutely no sleep last night.

i wanted to go shopping and all but i'm too sick to leave the bed.

the lower abdominal burning pain is on the left side, across under the navel, well, the entire lower abdominal area.

right now the rectal itching and pain is driving me nuts. i'm taking over the counter hemorroid suppositories and they are helping a little.

i am never taking biaxin again as i think the last go around caused this. i've checked online and the treatment for both pseudomembrainous
colitis and diverticulitis is flagyl!!

so i'm still on flagyl. i know i shouldn't self diagnose but it's the only thing that may treat this stuff.

i called my primary and they put me on hold for 15 minutes. it's charged to my cell phone minutes and i had to hang up. crap...

then i called my gastro. he's booked up until march and they haven't called me back.

i'm so sick of being treated like a nut i could scream. what do they expect us to do?

anybody had these severe gastro issues and what did you do?
Posted by glm1111 (Member # 16556) on :
Randi, \

These can all be symptoms of worms and parasites especially the rectal itching. Try some Preparation H because it has Thymol which is antiparasitic.

Look up symptoms for parasites, especially pin worms. If I remember correctly you once posted that when you were young you found them in your underwear?

Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
boy you've got a good memory. oh yeah, i remember mom saying she could actually see little white worms in my panties when i was small.

i was constantly constipated and once hospitalized for impacted bowels. no fun that...

she was always giving me caster oil and stuff. hmm, probably had lyme at that young age i bet.

i haven't seen any worms in my stool cause i've checked. but that doesn't mean anything right?

i'm beginning to think that gastro won't do a damn thing anyway.
Posted by sammy (Member # 13952) on :
About pin worms, you probably won't see them in your underwear. They only come out at night, in the dark, to lay eggs. That's what causes the itching. It is spread by the fecal oral route, (itching, eggs to hand, hand to mouth).

Can you tell I work with kids? [Smile]

There are two simple home tests to see if you have pin worms. One is the tape test. After you've been in bed for awhile, in the dark, stick a piece of scotch tape to the rectum, remove the tape then turn on the lights. If you have pin worms you will see them on the tape (little white worms).

The second test is to have a loved one look with a flashlight. Usually parents are told to do this after the kids have fallen asleep. In your case, the tape test might be easier, something that you can do yourself.

Treatment is simple, doctor's usually prescribe Vermox.

Honestly though, you probably don't have pin worms. More likely something like hemorrhoids or irritation from the diarrhea.

Keep calling your doctor's office. It sounds like you need seen sooner rather than later. Your primary should be able to run some preliminary tests and or move up the GI appt for you.

So, be persistent. You are important. Yes the doctor/nurse is busy but so what, that's their job. Pain is a warning sign. You've had symptoms for long enough. And now the pain is keeping you up at night. That means you need seen.
Posted by jenny76 (Member # 18205) on :
Just so you are aware of perhaps another option, when I have yeast/candida issues I get this same itching there. I use the Monistat cream there and it works! Takes a few days but it definitely helps.

Hope you get some answers...
Posted by coltman (Member # 21272) on :
AFAIR parasite treatments are relatively easy and simple (something like a few doses a month with a repeat a few weeks later -piece of cake compared to any lyme abx protocol)
Posted by blinkie (Member # 14470) on :
Have you been tested for C Diff?
Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
nope, no testing done. what's afair?

i'm starting the humaworm and am hoping to see results. er, maybe not, but something anyway...LOL
Posted by lymewreck36 (Member # 4395) on :
lots of diflucan, xifaxin for out of balance intestinal flora, and probiotics.

Monistat for itching is a great idea.

It's my bed time.

So sorry you are suffering this way.

Posted by SEREN J WEED (Member # 7280) on :
Ranidbear - I too have horribly stomach problems. I bought the Humaworm but with my stomach so bad I haven't started it yet. Scared to!

I would like to know how you do on this tx, so I'm hoping you will keep us up to date on your progress.

Actually, I would like to hear from anyone on how you did with Humaworm and a bad stomach.

[email protected]
Posted by MorningSong (Member # 19989) on :

At one time I had severe abdominal pain and the itching. For me, it turned out to be pin worms. Doctor put me on an antiparasite medication (dont remember the name). But I had to be persistent, washing sheets everyday in hot water, new towels everyday, etc so I would not be reinfected.

Also, on your cruise, did you eat any seafood, especially raw seafood, sushi, or anything. Sometimes, these can be contaminated with parasites.

The abdominal pain and itching could be a number of things. I agree with Sammy, would get checked out right away, even if it means a walk-in clinic. Just a few thoughts to share.

I hope you feel better.
Posted by tenyears (Member # 11613) on :
Hi Me again you just answered my post called no support.

I am dealing at this time with same issues upper gi and abdomen I have trouble swallowing anything hard like cereal and have not heartburn but a uncomfotable feeling under my breastbone.

also I have lower left abdomen pain that comes and goes I went for a upper gi the other day waiting on results.

I wonder how long it takes to get them back.

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