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Posted by Larkspur (Member # 5131) on :
Hi. I am doing the KPU test today (fun!)

I am using one of those medical opaque orange specimen jugs for collection from an old test I never did.

The Dr K instructions say use a juice or milk jug wrapped in tin foil to protect it from the light

My ? is since I am using an opaque jug designed for urine collection, do I still need to wrap it in tinfoil

I'm thinking no, but I don't want to mess this up and have to do it again later

Posted by seekhelp (Member # 15067) on :
Do you need a doctor to order this test? Which lab are you using Larkspur? I saw literature from Dr K recommending Vitamin Diagnostics Lab.
Posted by Larkspur (Member # 5131) on :
Hi. Yes, this is through my Dr. I actually just talked to them ( I was trying to avoid calling them b/c I call them so frequently!) and the answer is yes, I should wrap the jug in tinfoil to avoid any light exposure.

I got the test kit from my Dr (they filled out a requistion form) but I send it off to Vitamin Diagnositcs myself. Not sure if Vit Diagnostics requires an MD or not to get the test done.
Posted by aliyalex (Member # 6976) on :
dr k's ofc signed the paperwork and they got the results. only took 3 pees and used all the citric acid and didnt get stressed out like i was supposed to and it still worked fine.

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