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Posted by johnnywv (Member # 23012) on :
the past 3-4 days I have just been really testy, wife has a different word for it!
Posted by Florence1 (Member # 22960) on :
me too, seems more and more through this whole thing.....i feel patience lot less than normal, very irritated easily....but i am very concious of it....going to talk with my dr this week......
Posted by merrygirl (Member # 12041) on :
I bet she does!!!

Lyme rage is likely what you would call it. I have it often. SO much so I take abilify for it, I have a bit of it today. no fun for anyone. When i get like that I try to avoid everyone.

therapy and pain meds also help me.

I know the more pain I am in, the more grouchy I get.

good luck
Posted by psr1 (Member # 22957) on :
Yes. There are whole weekends when I am wretched to anybody around me. Even my pet birds know when they should not be squawking. I hate it.
Posted by Starfall1969 (Member # 17353) on :

I'm always going off on my kids, for the least little thing--some of it is justified because they're legitimately being bratty, but sometimes I go off just because they're being lous, like boys do.

Very concerning now, because I interviewed for a job working with kids with behavior problems, and hubby is really pressuring me to take it.

How is that going to work out with Lyme rage and then having to come home and deal with my own kids? Oy.
Posted by David Miller (Member # 21583) on :
That's a classic symptom for bart.
Posted by sickpuppy (Member # 23846) on :
Yup. Get super agitated all of a sudden and it can go away just as quickly. Definitely gets worse the worse I feel but sometimes I think I feel ok/stabile and wham--I'm mean.
CAn get super impatient too.
I try not to rant but sometimes can't help myself. Sometimes it's good to keep my mouth shut if I can have the good sense to know when to do it.
I wish I could stop it.
Posted by trigal2 (Member # 20578) on :
Classic symptom of life on lyme..or just life in general....TG
Posted by LightAtTheEnd (Member # 24065) on :
I don't think I have had this a lot. And I am a very calm and easy-going person, so I rarely get angry with people. Slow fuse, and I get over it quick.

One day a minor incident happened where someone said something that kind of annoyed me at the time. I grumbled to myself and then got over it in about half an hour.

Twelve hours later, I was suddenly stewing over it and having an argument with the person in my head! I was really alarmed, because I didn't trust my own reaction.

I am afraid that I will mess things up with a friend or relative sometime by going off on them over some small thing, when it's only Lyme and not my real feelings that is making me angry.

That time I mentioned above, I went home and took a nap for a couple of hours, and when I woke up, I wasn't angry any more. So I'm sure it was Lyme causing it.

This scares me. If in my real feelings I am actually angry with someone, I think I should go and confront them immediately.

My style of confrontation is just to talk, and to tell them calmly that they made me angry and why.

I am afraid with the Lyme messing with my head, that I will say or do something hurtful to somebody I care about, when I am not even actually angry with them.

They will never understand, even if they know I have Lyme, because nobody gets how it can trick you in your own mind like that.

Luckily I have only noticed this happening to me a few times, and I am conscious of it enough to try to wait and see if it is real or not.

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