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Posted by swedish lyme sufferer (Member # 14579) on :
It feels like a big circle has been drawn in my face, and within this circle there is INTENSE twitching. Non stop.

HAs anyone had this and got rid of it?

I will start IV again, the orals just Don't work.
Posted by nefferdun (Member # 20157) on :
Sounds like bell's palsy. Your IV treatment should help it go away. I get twitching now and then but never non stop. It must really bother you. Are you taking a lot of magnesium and B12? That will help your nerves. Maybe B12 shots would help.
Posted by swedish lyme sufferer (Member # 14579) on :
gm does not help, not B12 either.
Just this constant twitching pale sagging face....
Yes I hope the IV will get it...
Thanks for reply!

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