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Posted by MBB3 (Member # 13459) on :
I sense that twitching is a common trait of Lyme infection.

How many experience twitching in an eyelid or tongue? These areas are my most persistent. An eyelid may twitch for 2 weeks almost straight and then stop not to happen for months. Can anyone relate?

Also, it seems when I SUPPLEMENT with Magnesium, the twitching INCREASES, again I just don't understand any of this? Isn't mag supposed to help? Am I not taking it long enough? I always stop the supplement after the twitching starts.

Along with the twitching I have burning skin, which rarely stops unless nothing is touching my feet etc.

Thanks for sharing any experiences/advice?

Take Care,
Posted by hobokinite (Member # 6132) on :
I am going through the same thing. haven't ahd that for years.

I was wondering if it is from allergies as Ceder seaon has hit hard when it started.

I do Magnesium shots. But it ain't helping the twitch
Posted by JR (Member # 16898) on :
My twitching resolved with treatment.
Posted by sparkle7 (Member # 10397) on :
I don't think this is necessarily related to Lyme. I know other people who get this who don't have Lyme.
Posted by Toppers (Member # 20083) on :
Had this strong non-stop twitch in left eye when starting 400mg doxy that lasted straight for 2 weeks then vanished. I'm glad it's gone [Smile] I have all the bart symptoms too.
Posted by lymebytes (Member # 11830) on :
Oh, the infamous twitching eyelid. I have had it go on for weeks at a time. I supplement w/Magnesium Citrate powder (pills didn't do anything, probably weren't absorbing) at first it didn't seem to help much, but now since I have supplemented for a very long time, I haven't noticed the twitch as much. But I also related to herxing - it seemed to appear more often during herxing.
Posted by painted turtle (Member # 7801) on :
Yes, I have the twitching eyelid. Very odd. It has become a dominant symptom this last month or two and I consider myself not actively infected with Lyme (after having treated it for years). I think I have a post lyme thing. But that is because the antibiotics proved unsuccessful at curing me. Anyway, adding magnesium powder does not help the twitch at all. I have it, along with full out muscle spasms on the left side of my body. Not limited to my eye, also a big deal in my leg. Just one of the many things Lyme has left me with. (had a long time undiagnosed case)
Posted by trigal2 (Member # 20578) on :
I have had that as well. Side effect of a med I was taking.

Unrelated to lyme in my case as I have never experienced it duriung a flare-up or herx.
Posted by opus2828 (Member # 15407) on :
I have had it too - sometimes it seems that my eyeball is actually twitching as well.

It does come and go.
Posted by kday (Member # 22234) on :
I remember going to my PCP for this once before diagnosed. Told her it was there for weeks, wouldn't stop, and was annoying the crap out of me.

I got a bottle of Prozac.
Posted by swedish lyme sufferer (Member # 14579) on :
I have it all the time non stop.
Posted by swedish lyme sufferer (Member # 14579) on :
Active lyme I think....unfortunatly
Posted by swedish lyme sufferer (Member # 14579) on :
Gets worse when near electric fields, in trains etc.
Posted by LightAtTheEnd (Member # 24065) on :
My left eyelid has twitched occasionally since I got Lyme. My right eyelid has never twitched.

I have had it before I got Lyme, but it would twitch for one or two episodes of a few seconds and then stop. Seemed to be on hot summer days with a lot of pollution that would also make me sneeze and make my eyes water, so maybe airborne allergies.

Since Lyme, the left eyelid twitching would last a few seconds up to a minute, and would occur dozens of times a day and go on from two days to a week. This was in summer and in cooler weather in the fall, and inside, outside, during the day and at night.

Lyme has otherwise mainly affected my right side with joint and muscle pain, but occasionally also my left shoulder and left hip.

Once only, since Lyme, I had one short (less than a minute) twitching episode of my cheek under my right eye, which has never happened before or since. Another time I had nerve tingling at a spot in my left calf for 2 hours.

Sometimes I question whether Lyme is causing something or not, but then I think if it is something weird and it has never happened before, it's probably Lyme.
Posted by sue-in-austin-tx (Member # 24174) on :
Mine shows up when I need more B complex or stopped taking it. Not sure which of the B's is helping though.
Posted by bv (Member # 9578) on :
Twitching is very much a common LD symptom. LD is, among other things, a disease of the peripheral nervous system. There have been many other discussions about muscle twitches here.

Use the search function @ top of page & search muscle twitches.

The peripheral nervous system infection by LD commonly causes burning skin, muscle twitches (all over the body and/or localised to certain muscles--mine are in my calf muscles) & floaters in the eyes.

After 4 years of abx, my twitches are now 2 to 4 hours per day as opposed to 24 hours a day.

Good luck.

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