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Posted by David Miller (Member # 21583) on :
I have a couple of questions about Fry Labs blood smear to identify the mysterious BLO.

1) What is the test to order? I looked over their tests and it wasn't obvious.

2) Does Clongen have a similar test?

3) What is the preferred medicine for it?

I'm guessing the answer to #3 is the cipro/levoquin/factive family based on Burrascano's guidelines for dealing with BLO's, but would like to hear from someone who is or has been treated for it.

I've been on doxy since August, and it helps enormously but hasn't killed whatever I have. A week ago I cut back on the doxy and started zith and it feels like the zith is doing nothing and the bugs are partying away from the decreased dose of doxy.

Posted by Jeff S. (Member # 21361) on :

Your story sounds like mine. I started treating with doxy last July. I went 5 months and did not see much change. Perhaps a little.

I also pulsed Flagyl.

My llmd ordered the Fry 87207 special stain. It came back with a few black 'blo' spots next to red blood cells.

I understand there is a new, additional test but I do not know the number.

We switched to minocycline and rifampin about 6 weeks ago. I have noticed improvement since then. It is very noticeable. At this rate, it feels like I will need to do about 2-3 more months.

I am 61 so the doctor did not want to do long term levaquin.

Alternates are rifampin, bactrim, factive. Rifampin is slower than levaquin but I can tell that it is slowly attacking the bugs.

If you do a search for hemobartonella you will see lots of posts that discuss this one.


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