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Posted by Maradona (Member # 24552) on :
I'm from Omaha NE and will like to find a lyme literate doctor in Iowa ,Missouri,Kansas.

In November 2009 I Had a severe headache and vomited i thought bad infection is going on my brain took Tylenol and amoxicillin stop my headache same night.

But started to fill hot measured my temp and was telling no temp.decided to take Maximilian for couple more days and every day i had profound night sweating and chills,weakness of my fifth fingers one all extremities ,sore foot,neck creaks and cracks,muscle twitching (not very common).

Visited many Dr.and did a lot of Lab work.
CT of head and MRI negative,Ct of sinuses polyp on the right maxillary sinus,B12 was low,complete protein high ,chemocystein upper normal high ,triglycerides high ,ELISA negative 2 times
Western blot done in Oklahoma for Lyme negative they did only IG g no IGm.

Last three years every year had one tick attached to my body last was last Summer 2009 and for this one I medicated my self with amoxicillin for 10 days till the rush almost completely was gone

After Amoxicillin treated myself with doxycycline for 21 days and then started IV rocephin 2 gr for 25 days all by my self no one from Dr .gave me any antibiotic and right now I,m on bacilli 1.2Mil. twice a week.

Persisting sweating and itching are more persistent then other symptoms.
Posted by wendihk (Member # 20554) on :
This sounds exactly like Babesia/Babesiosis. Treating with antibiotics will not help as Babesia is a parasitic protozoa like malaria.

Make sure you get tested for co-infections, babesia, bartonella, erlichiosis.

Sounds just like me though and I was highly positive (Igenix) for babs.

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