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Posted by LymeDACnow (Member # 4649) on :
My neuro (my PCP wanted me to see thinking he was more open minded then most) ordered Amantadine which I started taking 1/2/10.

He told me it would really improve my issues with fatigue/energy, effects Dopamine levels, stronger effects then otc CoQ10. Also should help with cognitive problems.

It didn't really help with that but hand tremors, jaw stiffness and walking (steadier) did improve so I kept taking it.

A couple weeks ago I was at a Lyme support meeting where they had an intergrative doc speaking. I couldn't follow alot of the discussion but did perk up when he mentioned something about how he uses Amantadine at times.

Something about there being some evidence that it somehow exposes intracellular Bb and when it becomes extracellular and then abx more effective against it.

I haven't been on abx since end of Oct. (Zith and Rifampin targeting possible Bartonella). LLMD stopped because I was not tolerating well.

Anyway I feel like I am slowly relapsing and wondering if the Bb is being drawn out and playing around freely now. I question if I should stop it.

I don't have an appt with my LLMD until the end of March. To complicated things I was admitted to hospital a week ago (ambulance to ER) after they found I had a subdural hematoma.

Fortunately the neurosurgeon says it is small enough that I don't need surgery and that it was an old event (a week or two). Makes me kind of nervous since I had no head trauma. I was on Coumadin but my PT/INR's where if anything too low.

Having a very difficult time with what's what...

Thanks for any input! [bonk]
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
This is a duplicate thread. Some replies are over here:


LymeDACnow, you might want to delete this thread so you know which one to look for with replies altogether.
Posted by LymeDACnow (Member # 4649) on :
I see ... don't know how that happened ... or how to delete it!
Posted by Anna Lee (Member # 22992) on :
I will close the topic for you. To edit or delete a post click on the paper and pencil button next to the date. AL

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