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Posted by steve1906 (Member # 16206) on :
Good Morning, Well its been three years of testing of and on for lyme and today it came back positive.
I never tested in CA. but this test that came back positive was just a local LAB!!!

My GP wants to see me tomorrow, I guess I'll be getting back to my LLMD also... My LLMD did treat me
but I haven't had any Meds for 6 or months.

Here is my questions:
1- why do we test positive after so long, and also taking an antibiotics?
2- The doc wants to put me on cholesterol meds. Doesn't Lyme raise our cholesterol and Blood pressure?
3- The nurse said he called in a precision the CVS, I'm sure its not what I NEED.
4- Please give me your thoughts on what I should do at this point.

Also did a Ultrasound: liver, pancreas, etc...I'll get these results tomorrow.

I've been sick for three years now,

Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
If the cholesterol med is cholestyramine, it's really for toxins, not cholesterol. It's helpful to many.

IGeneX is located in CA and is one of the few good labs for Lyme testing, so it might be a local lab to you, but you are locally near the best!! [Big Grin]

My thoughts? If you are having symptoms, then see your LLMD and get started. Lyme is a clinical diagnosis, tests can only support that diagnosis, but should not be relied on completely and can prove nothing but exposure. So, if in the future you have symptoms come back, you already know you were exposed, so no need for further testing.

The testing is antibody testing. I had chicken pox as a child and do not have chicken pox now, but if you tested my antibodies, it would show chicken pox. I used to be sick with Lyme but am not now, but my antibody test still shows Lyme even though I have no symptoms.

Get in to see that LLMD!
Posted by 22dreams (Member # 17846) on :

There is no rhyme or reason to antibody testing.
It could be that after not being on antibiotics for six months, the bacteria that were dormant activated again, and by some stroke of luck,
you got the positive.

or you were re-exposed, and generated antibodies for the NEW strain that you were exposed to.

The tests are deplorable, so personally, I wouldn't waste my energy on figuring it out.

Cholesterol in general goes up among lyme patients from what I hear. Happened to me despite my clean diet. So: it's disease, not diet-related.

Also, for those who are Vitamin D deficient--from the disease--

cholesterol can rise as well. The body could be attempting to absorb more vitamin D by raising the cholesterol. Just a theory.

For whatever the reason, it does go up with some of us.

Blood pressure:

I always had dead-low BP (inherited) and mine is now up around normal (sometimes)---so high for me.

I think for me the shifts of BP, up and down, has more to do with potential dysautonomias than anything else.

Remove the infection, or whack it into submission, and the symptoms (i.e. cholesterol etc.), in theory, should dissipate.

Lyme can and does screw with every system in the body. So the effects are innumerable. and different for everyone depending on the state of their immune system, inherited factors, co-infection complications, etc.

See a LLMD.
Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
Lyme disease gave me very high cholesterol. My now famous lyme doctor said not to worry about it. Once I got rid of the lyme, it would go back to normal. And, it did.

It has now been 5 years since I completed my lyme treatment and I am still symptom-free, enjoying my life.

My cholesterol is now just slightly above the recommended numbers.

I think you should get back to your lyme doc and ask him all questions, get advice on what to do.

If you keep relapsing, that often means:

--failure to treat all coinfections the patient has (can't go by tests to diagnose coinfections; the tests are not 100% reliable)

--inadequate lyme treatment (must treat the cyst form of lyme with something like flagyl, must use high-dose, combination antibiotics)

--didn't treat long enough (should be symptom-free for at least 2 months if sick at least a year)

--immune system needs boosted (Do Burrascano recommended weight lifting every other day, 1 hour sessions required. Also, eat garlic daily or take Kyolic)

--smoking or drinking alcohol (can cause a relapse because they weaken the immune system)

You could study the Burrascano lyme treatment guidelines and mark "yes" if you did it or "no" if you didn't next to everything he says to do. Then, you could concentrate on the "no" marks and try to do them.

Also, my lyme doc won't let anyone stop lyme treatment in winter or if winter is coming on. He says winter is a stress on the body, so stopping then could cause a relapse.

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