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Posted by B4LYME (Member # 23222) on :
This is my third month on Mepron, and I had a few questions for others that have been on it.

How long did you stay on it? 3 weeks on, one week off.

I've noticed a clearing of some brain fog while on it, but by the third week, I feel more aggitated. Any suggestions for that, what helped you?

My LLMD has had lyme and co-infections and been on it himself and experienced the same thing.

A lot of my other symptoms have gone down or disappeared during this time, but I'm on Biaxin, Doxy and Acyclovir too. Not sure what is helping with what.

The fatigue and anxiety/aggitaion are the ones I want to disappear the most, but I'm still dealing with them.

Any experiences you'd like to share or suggestions would be appreciated.

Posted by jmb (Member # 18338) on :
the mepron seemed to work, along with the zith. But I could not make it past three months on two occasions. It was a brick wall. The depression just became too much.
Posted by onbam (Member # 23758) on :
I just posted about this yesterday. I made most of my progress on it starting (like you, alleviating brain fog) on the third bottle. This is consistent with what my LLMD said would happen.
Posted by MariaA (Member # 9128) on :
I also had some depression on Mepron/Biaxin (I'm pretty sure it was the Biaxin in my case). I found that it was manageable if I quit the meds for a week and then re-started after the depression abated. After starting/stopping twice, I never had the depression again (at least not on that combo). I feel like every babesia treatment pretty much does this in some patients.
Posted by B4LYME (Member # 23222) on :
How long were you on it?


did you stop during or after the third month?

I take Biaxin too, but I was on it for several months before starting the Mepron so I attribute the aggitation to the mepron since it's worse the 2nd or third week. I take the Biaxin constantly

Posted by Jason21 (Member # 16393) on :
You ought to try Tindamax. It is an anti-protozoal, an antibiotic, and a great LD cyst-buster. I combined it with cipro, which helps to shuttle it into the cells to increase saturation.

This combo has helped my immensely, increasing my cognitive abilities and reducing or eliminating my pain.
Posted by Haley (Member # 22008) on :
I have been taking Mepron every day (1 1/2 tsp 2X day).

Is it common to take a week off?

I've been on it for almost a month. Am I destroying my liver if I don't take a break?
Posted by Annelet (Member # 13503) on :
I am taking Mepron continuously as well. I get my liver enzymes checked each month.
My LLMD used to do three weeks on, one week off, but not any more.
Posted by Marcie (Member # 10070) on :
maybe the aggitation/anxiety is from bart. Some say if one co-infections is going down another will come up. Many also say that aggitation/anxiety is bart. I can say that when I treated babs I did get increased anxiety, but not sure what that really is being caused from. The babs, bart, or lyme? I guess we will really never know.

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