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Posted by B4LYME (Member # 23222) on :
Several months ago I started klonopin to help me sleep and deal with anxiety. I'm still sleeping well, but I've noticed that some anxiety sneeks in during the day.

I take 1/2 of a .5mg pill at night because I can be very sensitive to the psyche drugs.

When I dealt with this 10 years ago, I went to a noted LLpsychiatrist. She suggested taking 1/3 to 1/6 of an ambien to settle things down. It does help.

What I'm wondering though is would I do better to take some klonopin in the morning and some at night to keep it steady?

How do you take your klonopin? How much and how often?

I am currently taking doxy, biaxin, acyclovir, nystatin and Mepron. I know the mepron has affected my moods before, so I'm trying to take as little as possible to get through, but not be a martyr.

10 years ago I was taking xanax before starting with the baby pieces of ambien and didn't have any problems getting off of it.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with me.

Posted by KYForester (Member # 24695) on :

I just started recently taking .5mg at night before bed and it seems to help me sleep a little better and has eased some of my muscle related symptoms. However, I was already fatigued throughout the day and this makes me even more tired. I'm thinking about taking it earlier in the evening so it kind of "wears off" by the next morning. Klonopin has a half life of 35 hours, so it should stay fairly steady in your system.

I will say that it has help with my anxiety. My only concern is how addictive it may be. I have read tons of forums saying never ever take this drug and other postings that said this drug was a miracle for them and had no problems coming off of it. I guess it's all about moderation and the process used tapering down when you are ready.

Xanax did nothing for me and never had any issues when I stopped taking it.

I am currently taking doxy as well as 50,000 units of vit d twice a week.

Hope this helps, Take Care

Posted by MusicMan (Member # 11966) on :
Hi there [Smile]

I took the same dose 1/2 of a .5mg for a few years and my time for taking it was and is around 7:00 pm. Now I take the other half around bedtime. I've been taking it for years now and have not had to raise the dose at all.

Posted by elley0531 (Member # 9434) on :
I use it but not every day.

It really helps give me a 'vacation' once or twice a week though.
Posted by IckyTicky (Member # 21466) on :
I take it every day for sleep and myoclonus.
Started out only .5 a day. Now take .5 in afternoon and before bed. Been told I can take a whole one at bed time if needed, but the .5 has done me just fine 2X day.
Posted by tomcla2175 (Member # 24681) on :
my sister was on 6mg. of Xanax a day when that quit working she was weaned off of it (incorrectly) and ended up in the hospital for withdrawal symptoms(seizure like or possible seizures). Got switched to Klonopin and was eventually up to 6 mg. a day of it along with Seroquel,Lamictal,and Effexor they all quit working for Cymbalta,Luvox, etc....she was a psychiatrist guiney pig...Got her down to Zyprexa 15 mg., and Lyrica 300mg. at bedtime..still in a panic state and some depression but, nothing else worked anymore. Be careful with all of these drugs as there are serious side effects..she ended up in 3 psych wards and being baker acted. Had to hire 2 attorneys to get her out of the last psych ward because the doctor wanted to baker act her for 6 months. Told us she was psychotic and delusional and a very sick woman...Well, she may be a very sick woman but, she is not psychotic or delusional she was still going through withdraws and they had shot her up with very high doses of haldol and thorazine...BEWARE we will never take her to another psych hospital or psychiatrist that we don't call the shots.
Posted by lymebytes (Member # 11830) on :
My husband w/LD takes 2mg 3x's per day and it works great.

I take Xanax 1mg 2x's per day morning and eve and it works great.

My son (now well) did Xanax 1-2 mg daily for 2 years throughout treatment, weaned off not problem and is doing well.

I did Xanax years ago for panic attacks for 5 years in a row and just stopped when I didn't need anymore, never had any problem getting off it.
Posted by street129 (Member # 23472) on :
i take anything that will put me to sleep, i have xanax, klonopan, anbiem, and restoral...i wish i can fall out on my own thou. and over the counter aids, i take anyone, not in any order
Posted by B4LYME (Member # 23222) on :
Thank you for your replies. I'm just thinking that during this phase of treatment I may do better taking it twice a day to keep blood levels equal.

I have a great psychiatrist. He isn't really lyme literate, but he is willing to learn. He told me a pharmacist asked if lyme could affect the brain, and he told him definitely.

He is also comfortable with using low doses of stuff. I've been able to take the antibiotics at full strength, but the psyche drugs I can't handle at a "normal" level.

Thanks again for the replies.


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