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Posted by c3mom (Member # 16412) on :
So, I've been consistently testing neg for Bart and Lyme..Yeah!!

But, Adrenals seem to be the hurdle now. I am following sev small meals of protein/veg a day diet. I am getting my 8-9 hrs sleep and trying to avoid stress as much as possible. I am also taking supplements.

However, I STILL can't handle any type of stress...ZERO...NONE!!! How long does adrenal repair take? Are there any sure proof supps that are the absolute best for repair.

How do you know when you are borderline ADDISONS?

Looking back I wonder now how may sx were actually adrenals and not Lyme?!!

The two LLMD's I saw never mentioned Adrenal or vitamin support.

Thank you
Posted by c3mom (Member # 16412) on :
I wanted to add that I take Drenamin from Standard Process.

Also, looking back into old posts, I found that there might be connection to air hunger/adrenal and thyroid.

I find this interesting because last July my husband lost his job. I had air hunger, weird bouts of shaking (maybe hypoglycemia), tightening of the throat and light headness such that I could not climb the stairs without feeling faint.

About after an hour of getting out of bed the sx would return. Now that I think about it,that's also when I started getting the itchy tonsils Allergies).

I am now convinced it was and is adrenals. I want them repaired NOW!!
Posted by massman (Member # 18116) on :
c3 - a couple thoughts / suggestions.

Drenamin is good stuff but if if is not helping there should be a reason. Perhaps the hypothalamus or pituitary may be what is really not working. How did you get evluated + by whom ?

Also sounds like a lot of emotional stress that may be really draining you.

May want to check out + search for EFT aka MTT. Those are ways to deal effectively with emotional stress in your life. can do it to yourself.
Posted by c3mom (Member # 16412) on :
Mass, thanks for the link. I am taking a ton of supps a day for a few of the body systems as well as for general nutrition. I only mentioned Dren to avoid someone assuming that I wasn't taking anything.

An ER Dr. turned alternative tested me. I have a few systems not functioning totally, but adrenals are my worst by far.

The emotional stress does get to me fast, BUT I am getting a lot better by trying not to control th uncontrollable.

I see the Dr next week. I will look over that llink to see if there might be soemthing else to ask the Dr.

Do you think Biomeridian test would help? I am thinking so..
Posted by massman (Member # 18116) on :
IMO BioMeridian depends on who is doing the testing.

I have used them for about 12 years. I was located in OH from '90 thru '08 so I know a number of practitioners there and a number who use BioMeridian.

I have seen some patients overwhelmed by a bunch of supps thus not responding. One buddy of mine now really straightens out digestive tracts before proceeding to anything else.
Posted by c3mom (Member # 16412) on :
I forgot to ask in the PM do you have any suggestions on who the best in Ohio is?
Posted by daystar1952 (Member # 3255) on :
Nettles are supposed to be good used as a restorative tonic for the adrenal glands

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