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Posted by laurisabelle222 (Member # 16591) on :
I started Rifampin 3 days ago and the other night I awoke in a terrible panic attack with sweating and chills and then woke up later on with:

Severe fatique
muscle pain
muscle aches (like the flu)
extreme weakness
more numbness than usual

I felt like i had the flu and this has NEVER happened before to me. These are not my usual symptoms at all.

Today is a bit better but I also slept 12 hours last night.

Do you think this is a herx?
Posted by laurisabelle222 (Member # 16591) on :
I guess if this is a herx then I'm really happy about it since its never happened before. I mean, I feel horrible... laying on the couch all day long but if its killing something then I love it!

my worry is that maybe its the babs coming out more now that im treating the bart.

I would think in that situation, the air hunger, sweats and depression would be worse, which aren't.....

I just worry that I think its a herx and meanwhile its just the other disease coming out or just a worsening of the lyme and bart....
Posted by lyme in Putnam (Member # 11561) on :
To me, herxes mean death. That was last night. Feel better
Posted by laurisabelle222 (Member # 16591) on :
bumping for more opinions
Posted by cactus (Member # 7347) on :
Sounds like a herx to me, just another patient not a doc.

I think if babs were on the increase, you would have more of your "usual" babs symptoms than you listed.

One thing to watch - I thought I was herxing like I'd never herxed before on Rifampin and let it get really out of hand. So if things seem very extreme, do call your LLMD.

By extreme - I mean if you're significantly more ill than ever before during a herx, or if you are having a feeling of impending doom.

I was unable to sit up, and even needed to be helped to the bathroom for 4 days on Rifampin... thought it was a massive herx, but it turned out I'm one of those people who can't detox Rifampin.

But that's unusual! And Rifampin is a great drug.

It sounds like you are killing off the bart - so hang in there and know that this will pass.
Posted by laurisabelle222 (Member # 16591) on :
The problem is I have never herxed before so i dont know if its unusual.

I feel like i have the flu... it sucks and Im basically just laying around all day and sleeping lots at night but it doesnt feel like something i cant handle if its killing something off.

What are symptoms of not being able to detox the drug?

One of my concerns is that these could be side effects from the drug...
Posted by laurisabelle222 (Member # 16591) on :
I am able to walk around but get very very tired but i dont think its what u experienced..

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