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Posted by Notz3641 (Member # 25325) on :
I have an aunt whos a CNHP and she said the theres this Dr Fritchy who has found that this herbal supplement called Teasel Root has completely cured his lyme and his patients as well...I'm just wondering if anyone else has heard of it or had success with it??
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
It may work well and may not work well. You got to try it. It worked nothing for the first time I tried it. Later, after a reinfection, I tried it again and it worked.

Like everything else, it depends on the bacteria and the body, I suspect. When it works, it usually works well. But I don't believe on single-herb protocols, not for chronic lyme.

Less trial and error are Buhner herbs. Cats claw is known to work for many many people. Do a search here. Andrographis one of the strongest herbs I ever took. Another that works pretty well is Japanese knotweed.

Good luck.
Posted by asummers (Member # 18068) on :
I am using it in conjunction with other herbs and abx. I have been making a lot of progress since starting the teasel root, but I also started an aggressive abx protocol to hits babs at the same time.

I have heard that some people use just teasel root to get rid of lyme. But that just sounds too simple to me.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Is there a link to an article, etc. I'd like to see that. Or was is just word of mouth? I found nothing in a cross-search at Google.

I was very disappointed in Teasel as a single agent and, even as a combined formula.

Still, as part of an over all protocol, it can be very helpful and some have seen fair to good results.

I was very jazzed about it as, at the time I used it, there were no other alternatives known to me. I didn't even have internet then. It would have been about 2001. I used it for quite some time and saw no help.

It's hard to discount those who had positive experiences but I'd sure not put my money on Teasel as a single treatment. Give it a good go and see how you do. You may be one of the lucky ones - just know that there is no guarantee. If you get good results, great. If not, there are still more options.

Start slowly, as is good with each new supplement.

But a huge consideration is time that can be lost waiting to see if a single supplement will work. I lost many months waiting to see if Samento would work as promised. Same for teasel. For me, just time lost.

It is best to see a good ILADS-educated LLMD so that you have a full picture of what is going on. There are also some ILADS-educated LL NDs (naturopathic doctors). A LL ND would know more about how to proceed regarding complementary approaches.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
To compare and contrast the work of authors regarding complementary methods:

Burrascano's Powerpoint SLIDE presentation 9-20-08


Advanced Topics in Lyme Disease (Diagnostic Hints and Treatment Guidelines for Lyme and Other Tick Borne Illnesses

Dr. Burrascano's Treatment Guidelines (2008) - 37 pages

As important as any supplements, sections regarding self-care:


and also pages 31-32 for advice on a safe, non-aerobic exercise plan and physical rehabilitation.


This is included in Burrascano's Guidelines, but you may want to be able to refer to it separately, too:

** Nutritional Supplements in Disseminated Lyme Disease **

J.J. Burrascano, Jr., MD (2008) - Four pages


LYME DISEASE Considerations in Diagnosis and Management

June 26, 2008 Lyme-autism Connection Conference

Steven Harris, MD

125 pages - Powerpoint presentation


Chapter 1 from the book "Insights Into Lyme Disease Treatment"


A Treatment Guide: Lyme and other Chronic Infections

by Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD

October 2009 - 87 pages


This book, by an ILADS member LLMD, holds great information about treatments options and support measures: (through Amazon)


- by Kenneth B. Singleton , MD; James A. Duke. Ph.D. (Foreword)

You can read more about it here and see customer reviews.

Web site:


Book: Healing Lyme: Natural Healing And Prevention of Lyme Borreliosis And Its Coinfections - by Stephen Harrod Buhner



Topic: Buhner Healing Lyme Q & A links have changed


Lyme Disease and Modern Chinese Medicine - by Dr. QingCai Zhang, MD & Yale Zhang

web site: try and use "clinic" and then "clinic" for the passwords or call Hepapro through


HEALING LYME DISEASE: An Integrated Approach to Curing Chronic Infection

Daniel A. Kinderlehrer, M.D. (2004)


This author is also an ILADS member & a LL ND author:

Chronic Lyme Disease and Co-infections: Clinical Overview (Snow)


Similar approach, from another ILADS-member/ND author:

Your Path to Wellness (Clark)


From Bea:

This is a very good overview of lyme and coinfections and includes some case examples and herbal formulas of a treating herbalist.

Teasel is included here:

Note -- The document is 81 pages long so it may take a couple of minutes to load.



Book: Lyme Disease and Rife Machines by Bryan Rosner


Not at all about lyme, but a good site for articles about supplements:

In their search bar, just pull down from products to articles for access to a fabulous library backed with solid research citations for every article.


More specific to herbs but, again, not about lyme:

The One Earth Herbal Sourcebook (Tillotson,


You can also see medical abstracts for many supplements at PubMed:


ITM - Chinese Medicine research site
Posted by Haley (Member # 22008) on :
I don't think it does anything. That's just my personal experience. Maybe I have not given it enough time.
Posted by Hoosiers51 (Member # 15759) on :
Teasel is in a tincture that I am taking for Lyme and Bart.

This tincture made me herx a lot at first, and now when I stop the tincture, I get headaches, so I always go back on it after stopping.

So something in it is obviously "doing something." Don't know if it's the teasel or something else. There's also Red Root, black walnut hull, Lomatium, etc etc.

Also, if I'm remembering this correctly....if I run out, not only do I get headaches going off for a couple days, but then when I go back on it, I get herx headaches all over again.
Posted by canefan17 (Member # 22149) on :
Teasel helps bring Lyme out from hiding I've heard.

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