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Posted by Remember to Smile (Member # 25481) on :
Wow! METALLIC BLUE posted this link in response to Clint hitting a very low spot. I just read this article, and I'm gonna print it & share it. Thanks METALLIC BLUE!

Clint, know you're not alone at all. Breathe in hope and dispel fear with knowledge.

18 Reasons Why Lyme Treatments Fail
by Dr.S


Note: Dr. S is commended by Dr. B.

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Posted by 17hens (Member # 23747) on :
Wow!! This is one of the best articles I've read and meets me right where I am right now in my journey - trying to figure out if my LLMD knows how to prescribe abx that will cure me.

Thanks so much, ROS, for bringing this article to my attention!
Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
I have never seen Dr. B commend this doctor. He is not commending him in this publication either.

Dr. B is commending the publication itself (Public Health Alert), not this doctor's article or anything about this doctor.

Check it out and see if this isn't right.

Public Health Alert includes articles by many authors, different ones in each issue.

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Posted by MariaA (Member # 9128) on :
It's a minor gripe, but I really hate the fact that they put Dr B's photo next to every article. I know it's supposedly for advertising Dr B's guidelines but it kind of makes it look like he's part of the publication or that he has something to do with the articles.
Posted by Remember to Smile (Member # 25481) on :
Quite right, TF. Sorry all; I was overtired and didn't read sidebar well.

That article is worthwhile, but Dr. B didn't commend the author.

Thanks for catching that so quickly, TF!

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Posted by feelfit (Member # 12770) on :
[hands together] well said blackstone!
Posted by jasek (Member # 12395) on :
Why is this post still up here. It breaks all the rules. I once asked about DR. S. and was told he was blacklisted from this forum, don't mention his name ...

Where are the monaters, Am I over reacting.

EDIT- Dr. S was never blacklisted from this forum. The post was made just after 5 AM. It was not reported until approximately 10 AM. Two of the volunteer moderators are sick and one is out of town. Once a post is reported the first moderator who comes online afterward will handle it. AL

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Posted by Elaine G (Member # 20735) on :
Please don't condemn the man unless you personally know him. Otherwise, it is a lot of heresay. If you don't like his books, fine, you are intitled to your opinion. Don't read them.

He self publishes books to educate not to make money since he has lost money on his publications. He is publishing to help and educate the Lyme community not to make money.

Other LLMD's treat patients 5 and sometimes 6 days a week. When do they have time to research and keep up to date on latest and best treatments? That's a heavy load.

This LLMD treats one day per week and researches the other 6 days. Yes, he works 7 days. His research and treatments are 1-3 months old, not 2 years old.

It took me 3 appointments before I realized how brillant this doctor really is. Before that I wondered if I made the right decision.

Possibly some one time patients couldn't afford his rates due to all the money they spent on other doctors. Maybe they didn't like that he is eccentric and thinks outside of the box. Or maybe they didn't like his different sense of humor. So they were not happy with him. One appointment will not tell if any doctor will get you well.

For me and two other family members who are being treated, we say different. It is how well you are getting on treatment and we are getting well.

I have met other people in his office, who rave about him and how crippled their hands and ill they were when they originally went to him and now are so excited because they can go back to work. Miracle? No, good treatment.

And yes he does treat celebrties, not that this is important to him. He treats all patients the same with caring and compassion.

He is very religious, I'm not but he doesn't foster his religious views on me and respects everyone's opinion.

So meantime, some who suspects by reading his publications or his website that he is looking for recognition, look again........ education.

We all have seen people on this forum who are well that say you need higher doses to get well.
Maybe there is something to higher doses, as mentioned about Mepron, that other doctors don't realize.

Does he charge more than most LLMD's? Yes but I've heard of higher amounts charged by other LLMD's. The ill and desperate that go to him have been to so many other doctors and are no better. He helps them.

And yes, please be very careful...because when you can't get well, you just may be making an appointment with this very brillant doctor.

Just like you, I am entitled to my opinion but I also bring facts and personal experience with my opinion.

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Posted by Hoosiers51 (Member # 15759) on :
A lot of the things he has to say I agree with, and quite a few of them, I don't agree with.

The interesting thing about Mepron is that the lower dose does seem to help some people, but I completely agree with him that some people are just spinning their wheels, and a year won't make a difference. I wish more LLMD's would take note of that.

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Posted by Hoosiers51 (Member # 15759) on :
Jase, some people like him, some don't. Why is that hard to understand?

Hopefully a mod will come along and take the name out of the original post.
Posted by Marnie (Member # 773) on :
Dr. S said:

"If Babesia is present, Lyme cure is impossible."

IMO...he's got that backwards. When Bb is present, the doors are open for MANY pathogens to co-infect. Same with HIV!

Like HIV, Bb triggers a pathway, P13K - a kinase (phosphate transfer) pathway - specifically a calcium activated phosphate transfer = PKC.

Bb triggers cell survival.

WE counter by upregulating the inflammatory cytokines -> cell death (apotosis).

Babesia is much much worse when inflammation is present.

Get the inflammation down...bigtime AND hit Bb simultaneously.

In Romania, doctors cured lyme by restoring VERY deficient Mg levels (anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine and inhibits HMG CoA reductase) AND they also gave IV abx.

The cure is 2 fold: get the inflammation down (TNFa, IL-6 and IL1B) AND hit Bb.

Hypometabolism...lack of glucose supply to the frontal lobe because Bb is gobbling up all of the available glucose (fermenting it) does cause frontal lobe problems.

A deficiency of Vitamin B3, B6, vitamin C, Zn and Mg may inhibit our ability to make EPA and DHA from ALA.

n-3 PUFA deficiency is associated with memory loss and diminished cognitive function.

That is disasterous!!!

Stop the cells from dying as a result of inflammation (via high levels of EPA) to reduce the inflammatory cytokines AND help them out (via caprylic acid -> BHB -> citric acid cycle
-> ATP)-> Mg-ATP.

The infected defense cells need our help. Bb is depleting them of nutrients they need to function.

Look closely:

Lyme neuroborreliosis (LNB) may present as meningitis, cranial neuropathy, acute radiculoneuropathy or, rarely, as encephalomyelitis. We hypothesized that glia, upon exposure to Borrelia burgdorferi, the Lyme disease agent,

****produce inflammatory mediators that

promote the acute cellular infiltration of early LNB.

This inflammatory context could potentiate glial and

neuronal apoptosis." PMID: 19706181

"Significant transcript alterations in essential p53 pathway genes also occurred in SY cells cultured in the presence of microglia and B. burgdorferi, which indicated

****a shift from cell survival to preparation for apoptosis***

when compared to SY cells cultured in the presence of B. burgdorferi alone.

Taken together, these findings indicate that B. burgdorferi is

***not directly toxic to SY cells;***

rather, these cells become distressed and die in the inflammatory surroundings generated by microglia through a bystander effect.

If, as we hypothesized, neuronal apoptosis is the key pathogenic event in Lyme neuroborreliosis, then targeting microglial responses may be a significant therapeutic approach for the treatment of this form of Lyme disease.
PMID: 19911057

PD and inflammation (go to page 23)

GET THE INFLAMMATION DOWN to prevent cell death AND then go after Bb by giving the currently infected cells the nutrients they need to function so they can do their intended job.

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Posted by sparkle7 (Member # 10397) on :
I agree with Blackstone.... What up with a book titled "Top Physicians for Celebrities and the Affluent"...?

He does have some useful info about artemesia & other things related to babesia but it's hard to tell what's what when he publishes a book called "Top Physicians for Celebrities and the Affluent".

He also receives money from the drug companies to do research. So, this may cloud some of his judgments on reviewing things in an unbiased manner.

I guess you have to take the good with the bad. I don't see alot of books about babesia for the lay person out there, though.
Posted by djf2005 (Member # 11449) on :
You all are getting a spanking for discussing this Dr....


EDIT- You are right. Spankings for everyone. AL

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Posted by Marnie (Member # 773) on :
We are discussing his comments on an open - available to all persons to read - internet link.

I see no harm in that nor in disagreeing with some of his views.

Bb is NOT toxic to our brain cells. Bb does not cause them to die. Our response does...the inflammatory case you didn't understand my links above.

Getting the inflammation down is very very important.
Posted by seekhelp (Member # 15067) on :
Marnie, is anyone winning the Lyme battle using your methods? I'm always wondering. I never hear anyone here religiously follow your advice. I'd love to see some stories!
Posted by Anna Lee (Member # 22992) on :
Please remember the rules about posting doctors names. Please remember we do not allow negative comments about Lyme doctors. Thank you. AL
Posted by seekhelp (Member # 15067) on :
Yes, all Lyme docs are wonderful.
Posted by springshowers (Member # 19863) on :
I think Marnie has a great point.

I just am not sure how exactly you keep that inflammation under control besides diet and omegas and ?

I am not sure the anti inflammatories that are mentioned in the article work well.. or any anti inflammation drugs.

So.. what are ways we can do this??
Posted by Remember to Smile (Member # 25481) on :
I knew not what I'd done...LOL! Seriously.

When I saw Dr. B's name in the sidebar, it gave me confidence. I shoulda done a search on Dr S before posting, but it didn't enter my mind that morning.

I greatly appreciate reading others' thoughts on the article!

As you may know, I'm VERY new to this forum. I thought the rule of not mentioning a doc's full name was about those who were treating patients, not those who chose to publish a scientific article. Just fyi, I've already read numerous posts from others using full last names of published LLMDs. [confused]

IMHO, i think it is healthy, helpful, wise, educational, and productive to be able to discuss the scientific and scholarly merits of articles and monographs published by doctors.

I apologize sincerely to anyone i troubled.

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