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Posted by f13girl (Member # 23844) on :
I had 3 different sources point to David Dalton in last 2 days-anyone tried this or have thoughts? He's located in NH-
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Flower essences may help a bit to ease some symptoms but they do not have the strength necessary to go deep into the body and adequately combat infection.
Posted by f13girl (Member # 23844) on :
I spoke with someone today who went through 2 years abx with top neuro LLMD. said she got better (neuro lyme both physical and psychiatric) and then got very ill/back to where she started. Was healed by David Dalton teasel flower essences/working with practioner and David.

She had also talked to someone prior to starting treatment that was on abx for 6years with top LLMD- was also ready to die- healed on these flower essences.

I know hard to believe-but I did talk to her for 1.5 hrs this evening.

just curious if anyone is familar with these. I guess he is sought out world wide and happens to be in my backyard.

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