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Posted by Wolfed Out (Member # 23727) on :
I just want to know what is causing my skin to become affected to getting mattress marks within 10-20 minutes of laying down.

When things get really bad, I can be covered in them.

Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
Hydration? Many lack some important trace minerals and therefore necessary hydration, no matter how much you gobble down water. You would not be the first one. Take a look at the Rehydration cocktail and maybe try it for a while. I posted it several weeks ago on the Allergie Immun thread.

Take care.
Posted by Wolfed Out (Member # 23727) on :

I think you hit it!

I remember when I had a severe episode where I had nerve pain several weeks ago, I woke up with an extremely dry mouth...VERY foamy urine, etc...

But, I drink 8-10 bottles of water a day!

What regulates my hydration in the body?? Kidneys are "OK" through CBC tests..

I'm still having problems with dry mouth lately.

GiGi, if I have parasites in the intestinal tract, would this cause extreme dehydration?

I'll try your cocktail!!!
Posted by Wolfed Out (Member # 23727) on :
What kind of trace minerals do I need to supplement??

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