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Posted by txgirl09 (Member # 21612) on :
I've been taking Cipro for bart for 2 months now. Overall, I've been feeling much better. A few weeks ago I started having pains in the back of my legs behind my knees and my lower hamstrings.

The pain gets much worse when I exercise or work out, and seems to be getting worse every day.

Has anyone experienced this? I know I should be careful for tendonitis. I'm not sure how to determine if this would be my tendons or not?
Posted by lymebytes (Member # 11830) on :
I don't should talk to your LLMd. My LLMd said it is most common in the Achilles tendon at the ankle, but I wouldn't take any chances.
Posted by txgirl09 (Member # 21612) on :
Thanks. I know, my llmd also mentioned the achilles tendon. I've left him a message.
Posted by lymebytes (Member # 11830) on :
That's good, post what he says.

I get a lot of leg pain in the back of my legs too, but I can't tell ligaments from tendon pain. I am suppose to start Cipro right now in fact. I told my LLMd about the pain in the back of my legs, he thinks it is ligaments and still rx'd it. I am more than hesitating on this.

Another possibility is that when you get rid of one co-infection, another can "step up". Leg pain can be related to Bart or Babesia. But being on Cipro 2 months would make a good dent to Bart. Do you know if you have Babesia?
Posted by txgirl09 (Member # 21612) on :
You get a lot of pain in the back of your legs too? I thought it was just me.

I know, 2 months of Cipro should have really done a number on bart. Its just strange that behind both of my knees hurt, and when I exercise it got much worse. But, if its a damaged tendon, why do BOTH of my legs hurt?

I can't tell tendons from ligaments either.

Before you start your cipro, most recommend loading up on magnesium for 2 weeks.

I don't think I have babesia, but I've heard that you can eliminate one co-infection and another one pops out. Uhhhh!
Posted by onbam (Member # 23758) on :

I'd go off before something really bad happened.

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