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Posted by Riannabri (Member # 25579) on :
I am aware that you need a macrolide AB with Mepron and have been told by ND that I can not take Zith (due to something found on a genetic test) so can Mepron be taken with Biaxin and is it as good as taking Mepron with Zith?
Posted by WildCondor (Member # 434) on :
Biaxin and Zithromax are in the same family of meds (macrolides) so make sure you can actually take the Biaxin. Biaxin + Mepron is used where Zithromax isnt, make sure to add artemesia annua.
Posted by sammy (Member # 13952) on :
Yes, I took Biaxin XL with Mepron.
Posted by Dawn in VA (Member # 9693) on :
I did, too.
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
I took Biaxin with Mepron. I could not tolerate zith at all.

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