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Posted by Nutmeg (Member # 7250) on :
I'm making my way through the archives that come up on a search, and am also reading on the cpn website.

My latest bloodwork showed a titer of 1:512 for Chlamydia Pneumonia IgG. It was the same a couple of years ago. Have only been doing Rife frequencies for treatment, so I guess I'm not really making progress.

I'll see my Lyme doctor in a couple of weeks, and I'm sure he will want me to agree treat this. He mentioned tetracycline or doxycycline for CPN last visit, since I'm allergic to Zithromax and penicillin-type drugs, and possibly erythromycin as well.

I generally say no to antibiotics for Lyme and other stuff (no lectures please [Embarrassed] ) so I was hoping someone might have had success with some kind of alternative treatment.

I have had chronic bronchitis with productive cough for about 12 years, which seems to have begun with a bout of acute bacterial bronchitis. That's how I know I'm allergic to Zithromax. I've never been diagnosed with walking pneumonia, but have had bacterial bronchitis a number of times since then.

Widespread pain in muscles, joints, and connective tissue as well, but I have had a ton of injuries and structural imbalances.

OK, enough background. Just wondering if anyone has successfully treated CPN with anything besides Rx antibiotics. Colloidal silver? I read about NAC, which I've taken without incident in the past, but that supplement scares the heck out of me. I'm doing the Allergie-Immun program for the past year+ and am still getting toxins out.

Thanks, all!
Posted by massman (Member # 18116) on :
#3 and R from taken together should help your lung challenge.

They are specifically mixed herbals + nutritional factors designed to work together.

Tell your doc you would like to try them and the doc can order them.
Posted by karenl (Member # 17753) on :
I am on mino and will add azitromycin. Someone said to open the crypt I also could use Coptis / Dr. Zhang. I have not looked into this but you could verify if it works.Be careful if you use coptis without a killer antibiotic you get worse.
Then you also need to pulse flagyl.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
I tried andrographis. I'm sure not there yet, though, but it does have some good properties. Buhner has a full chapter on that.

Another day, I will share bunch of links if you want on that - or you could search by that name for past threads in the archives.

There was no way I could do the abx protocol for that when dx a year or so ago (my ears just could not do zith at all.

I'm also gearing up to do rife.
Posted by massman (Member # 18116) on :
Keebs what is your volume set at ?

I keep mine off and only put it on when I want.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
I usually keep it off, but a friend was over yesterday and must have had it up high when I was in the shower. I nearly went to the moon. I realize that it was not so much the site as what my friend had done with the volume control and it was a startle (so I deleted my previous note).
Posted by BoxerMom (Member # 25251) on :
Nutmeg - Chinese herbalists treat chronic infections all the time. Where are you in WA state?

Posted by karenl (Member # 17753) on :

Instead of zithromax you can probably use coptis from dr. zh.
I want to use it myself but I have not done enough research now, it can bust the crypt.

I was on coptis 6 a day last year as it is a good liver med and I got so sick, probably it opened the crypt form.

Keep me updated if you find out more.
I tolerate now 50 mg mino and need to tolerate 100 before adding coptis.
Posted by seibertneurolyme (Member # 6416) on :
Here are some options from Buhner.

The cryptolepis tincture is available from Woodland Essence.

Bea Seibert
Posted by sparkle7 (Member # 10397) on :
How about homeopathic remedies? I bet Deseret Biologicals must have something for that. Some people seem to do well with them.

You may want to try colloidal silver with a nebulizer...? I don't think I have chlamydia pneumonia & I haven't tried these things but I have studied them a bit.

Nebulizers aren't that expensive & you can get colloidal silver from alot of sources. I'm a bit concerned with nano silver, though. We don't really know the long term effects of nano anything at this point in time.

It's a bit scary.
Posted by Nutmeg (Member # 7250) on :
Thank you everyone for your helpful responses. I haven't been on the board much the last few days, but I did want to acknowledge your replies.

I will be checking out all these links, doing some reading in Buhner, and looking into homeopathics and herbal stuff.

Thanks again!
Posted by Chinalymie (Member # 25054) on :
Nutmeg, would you mind saying more about how you have used rife to treat this? This infection is just coming up for me it seems (via energy testing) and I'm trying the frequency of 1886 on my coil machine.

What machine and frequency, plus frequency and length of treatment have you used?

Posted by D Bergy (Member # 9984) on :
I have used Char Boehm's DNA based frequencies for some infections. they are used with frequency machines, which are experimental, and the frequencies themselves are experimental.

Her frequencies are based on the space between the DNA or RNA of the pathogen. As long as the pathogen has been genetically sequenced, she can calculate a frequency that might negatively affect it.

From my own anecdotal experience, these frequencies have an effect. I have never tried the CPN frequencies, but she does have a set for this infection.

She charges a small fee for her frequencies to support her on going research. They are not to be distributed, as this is the only compensation she gets for this important work.

I am currently using her DNA based frequencies for Mycobacterium paratuberculosis. This pathogen is the most suspect in Crohn's Disease, and I have the disease.

After three treatments, my badly inflamed intestinal tract is about 90% normal. Considering I have only treated for two days, that is pretty remarkable. I have been inflamed for about a month now.

This is the first time I have had good results using frequencies for my disease. I spent a lot of time trying the last time I was badly flared, and made no progress.

Not all pathogens respond that quickly, or are eliminated easily. I have also used her Lyme DNA based frequencies, and they do affect the Lyme but appear to force it into an active spirochete form. I am not certain the frequencies kill it at all, but they do make it easier to kill using other frequencies. It is far easier to kill spirochete form, than cyst form.

You do not have to buy a machine to do this, but you do need to find one to use, that ideally has a good amount of power, and uses a plasma tube.

You can try other machines but the results may not be as good. I have found that higher harmonics work better for these frequencies in particular.

I will keep you posted on my progress as I am not 100% yet. If I relapse, I will report that also. I cannot afford to use a treatment that does not work. It is not easy working your job doubled up in pain, and I have two jobs.

That is what I know about this method. It is not a sure thing by any means, but if you can find a machine to use, you can try the treatment for very little money. $15.00 for the frequencies to be exact.

Good Luck whatever you decide to try.

Posted by Chinalymie (Member # 25054) on :
Thanks, Dan. I have a doug coil, so I'm expecting that the DNA frequencies would simply be too high to run on this. The 1886 makes the coil heat up really gets as hot in 5 minutes as it does treating borrelia for 20 minutes. However, I'll keep this in mind. I am herxing from the 1886 hz, so this is hitting it at least. Getting another smaller coil would maybe be an option but John S is pretty back-logged on orders right now.

I've considered trying to eventually get a used GB-4000 to use when I am traveling but I don't think that plus a MOPA is an option financially. As well, I don't think the MOPA will work when I have to switch to using 220v here in China.

Its hard to find information on how fast the bugs replicate in the body.
Posted by Chinalymie (Member # 25054) on :
Also, that is GREAT news that you are responding to this frequency and I look forward to hearing further updates.
Posted by D Bergy (Member # 9984) on :
Well, I relapsed today, so either this particular frequency does not kill the pathogen, or I have the wrong pathogen.

I know it is a pathogen because MMS will get rid of my symptoms after a few weeks of use.

I would like to figure out specifically which pathogen that gets my guts into an uproar. It is not a matter of whether I can resolve the symptoms, I can, but I now want to know what caused it.

Good Luck.

Posted by Chinalymie (Member # 25054) on :
I've had some experience with muscle testing to try to find the pathogen. I've got a set of 8 energy vials of lyme and many co's. So for example, the "sinus" vial started showing up as weakening me. So I looked up the various components in it, and tried to find freq's in the CAFL. Then I dialed them into my frequency generator, held the vial and checked my muscle strength while touching both.

Klebsiella pneumoniae and chlamydia pneumoniae each had 5 frequencies that showed up as helpful so that in itself seemed positive. I then tried to test myself to narrow it down and the best one was cpn using 1886. And this is a clear hit again when I actually coil with the frequency.

This process has helped me a number of times but the other dramatic hit was bart--I got symptoms coming up but didn't know what. Testing pointed to bart and I got a major hit with 832 hz. I had previously rifed on that for 2 weeks with no effect so it was unexpected.

I don't look at this as 100% reliable but the trial and error approach to finding frequencies is the pits.

And now I'd sure like to find some other people using rife to treat cpn!
Posted by Chinalymie (Member # 25054) on :
An update on treating cpn. I have discovered from reading that apparently this replicates in 2-3 hours. Also I discovered that 470.9 hz is working fairly well and is a much better range for the coil machine. Also treating every 2-3 hrs all day has really helped. In the morning it is much worse but so far I'm sleeping through the night and not getting up to treat.
Posted by Chinalymie (Member # 25054) on :
Nope, I don't have the right frequency yet. Looks like I'll have to go down the list one at a time.
Posted by cleo (Member # 6646) on :
I know this article is about the std but it is treated the same as cpn. Artemisia seems the strongest herb against it but others are mentioned.
Posted by D Bergy (Member # 9984) on :
Just an update on these DNA frequencies for the MAP bacteria involved in my Crohn's.

My initial relapse has changed into a slow recovery, and every day now, I improve a little bit.

Just wanted to let you know that this method is still under evaluation in my case. I am not doing any treatment of any kind. Just waiting for more information regarding my recovery or lack of recovery.

I am no longer flared in most of my intestinal tract, but the bowel region is slower in recovery. It seems the intestines are getting better from the top down, which is kind of strange.

Posted by Chinalymie (Member # 25054) on :
Okay, I've had a really good hit on 479 Hz. (using Doug Coil) Both in terms of helping symptoms and getting a significant herx. Herx has the agitation symptoms that some of the other bugs cause so am needing tons of detox.

I found that 5 min on the liver, and then adding time around the respiratory system where my symptoms are, brought the clear herx. I was trying to do 10 min on the liver, but had less herx that way.
Posted by Suzy50 (Member # 30466) on :

Did you know that CPN causes chronic chest and sinus infections?

I had CPN, treated with antibiotics, infections seem to have subsided.

I don't have any information for treating CPN with natural remedies.


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