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Posted by aileenhome (Member # 3960) on :
I have been feeling much better for the last few months after nearly 4 years on abx.

Ten days ago I got 4-5 mosquito bites on my neck. The bites produced large bumps and were extremely itchy. The very next day I experienced neck stiffness, fatigue, nausea, etc., many of the lyme symptoms which I had not had in ages. The symptoms and the bumps/itchiness lasted nearly a week.

Could the mosquito bites have caused my immune system to flare up with lyme symptoms? Now that the mosquito bites have gone I feel pretty good again.
Posted by ping (Member # 6974) on :
aileen, I and a few of my friends have experienced this a couple of times and esp. small children can have reactions from mosquito bites.

It should settle down, as you said, once the bites are healed, but no telling what you've been infused with from the additional bites. They're all blood-imbibing, contagion-containing creatures.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
If one experiences neck stiffness following a mosquito bite, a doctor should be called or a trip to Urgent care is usually justified.

Mosquitoes can cause meningitis and encephalitis (and other things, too).

Since you were on some antibiotics for lyme, you may have some protection from some bacteria but not necessarily for all infections - and mosquitoes often carry viruses. Antibiotics are no protection at all with a virus.

Meningitis and encephalitis can both be either from a bacteria or from a virus. Either can be fatal.

But, re-reading your post before I finish - I see that was 9 days ago and you say you are feeling pretty good now. You should mention it to your LLMD at your next visit for some tips on if this happens again.

It may be that your immune system handled whatever else was thrown at it but there is never a guarantee with any new bite. A stiff neck is cause for immediate medical care following an insect bite.

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