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Posted by stork (Member # 24167) on :
I have read in a few places that mercury has a synergistic relationship with lyme. My story might corroborate that.

I have always been very healthy with a strong immune system. Originally had lyme in 2001, only arthritis symptoms, and they went away after the typical one-month of doxy.

Last December, I broke open one of those supposedly environmentally-efficient CFLs and proceeded to vacuum the thing (don't EVER do this) in my enclosed college living space. I had an almost instanteous neurological reaction in the following 72 hours - terrible brain fog, etc. I would discourage you from ever buying CFLs, totally not worth the risk.

Since then, I've been experiencing typical lyme neuro symptoms and have clear signs of lyme infection including a postive igenex WB/ELISA, arthritic symptoms I never had before, eye floaters, etc.

I guess there are two purposes for my post. Do you think I should be actively pursuing metal removal? I dabbled with this briefly and it only made cognitive symptoms much, much worse. I am pretty sure that my acute mercury exposure opened the door for lyme for me, but I am not sure I was exposed to enough for it to be continually suppressing my immune system.

Also - what is the general experience of you all with metals and lyme? Do any of you have a similar experience where acute exposure led to a flare up or worsening of a new infection? Any success stories with mercury + lyme?

I don't think I am going to do allergie-immune anytime soon, I don't fund the treatments around here.
Posted by joalo (Member # 12752) on :
Posted by lymie_in_md (Member # 14197) on :
Lyme suppresses your ability to detoxify your body. Through this suppression the core body temperature is affected which some believe reduce enzymatic activity inside the body.

So my point is to find a method to increase core body temperature, if you can handle it (cayenne pepper is great for this). Or find practitioners who can assist in getting the core body temperature up. Homeopathy and herbals can be very helpful. I suspect that is why far infrared saunas or saunas in general are so helpful.

Once you get the core body temperature up you are now in position to more effectively cleanse. Especially if you can sweat out most of the toxins (be careful to stay hydrated -- a mistake I've made).

Supplements to consider:
> zeolite
> activated charcoal
> apple pectin
> msm
> garlic
> KPU (krypto pyroluria -- i think)
> OSR -- (this should also help with body temperature)
> chlorella
> cilantro
> taurine

Just some things to consider

When you get well enough from this, then it will time to go after lyme making sure to take time to detox.

I'm sure there are others with a more exhaustive list.

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