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Posted by lymeboy (Member # 24769) on :
I want to know. Do brain lesions go away? This is a form of brain damage, is it not?
Posted by dmc (Member # 5102) on :
It depends...lesions can be little scar tissue in the nerve, little open mark (area) when myelin a wire with a worn off part of the covering.

I have 11 lesions that do not enhance & haven't since treated for lyme. Dxd MS in 1988...didn't treat or find out lyme until 2003.

Some lesions will disappear some don't. Don't fret, as long as you aren't getting more & the ones you got don't enhance then I think you're stable.
Posted by bcb1200 (Member # 25745) on :
Chronicle (a news program in New England) did an show on Lyme in 2008 or 2009 I think. They featured a woman diagnosed with MS who was told to "price wheelchairs." The woman today is healthy thanks to proper lyme treatment (although still on meds.)

My MRI was normal other than a suggestion of "bilateral cortical atrophy of the parietal lobes." My non LLMD neuro ordered an EEG (Normal) and Brain Spect (abnormal.) is in my brain and I have had brain fog. But I think I'm still relatiely early.
Posted by lymeboy (Member # 24769) on :
I am fretting. I do not feel normal. In fact I feel completely messed up. I am a few steps away from a wheelchair. Imbalance, floating, vertigo, and completely foul mood. Have been treated since Feb. $ weeks on IV. Nothing but worsening of symptoms.
Posted by Tracy9 (Member # 7521) on :
Please check into small fiber neuropathy. It can only be diagnosed by a punch skin biopsy. If you have any neuropathy, numbness or tingling in hands and feet, this might be a possible diagnosis for you.
Posted by lightparfait (Member # 22022) on :
Working on detox helped my lesions...

Clearing mold/fungus/yeast issues cleared brain fog.

I have mercury in my brain...related to dental work.

I also passed this to my kids...who also have lesions full of mercury....

Where heavy metals lurk...also you will find lyme and mold/fungus issues...possibley parasites as well.

clear the thngs you can easily...then you will see if you still have the major issues.

Check Dr. K's links about healing the brain wit his seminar and protocol notes.
Posted by Tracy9 (Member # 7521) on :
However with the severity of symptoms you are describing, you have not been treating for very long. You could need months to even a year or more of IV therapy with late stage Lyme disease in your central nervous system.

And it is not uncommon to feel worse before you feel better. It's pretty much par for the course unfortunately.
Posted by lymeboy (Member # 24769) on :
Wont a year of IV meds completely destroy my immune system? I have been having major dental issues for over 5 years now. I have spent thousands and thousands on Dentists....
My question is, do these lesions go away?
Who has actually gotten rid of the dizziness and mood swings for good?
Posted by Lauralyme (Member # 15021) on :
Don't despair, lesions go away as does dizziness and foul moods.
It all gets better. Optimism is key
Posted by maps (Member # 19758) on :
Lymeboy, It is very early days yet don't get disheartened.

Three large lesions twenty or so small ones. For thirteen years diagnosed with chronic fatigue and major depressive ephisodes. For last three years have been home and couch bound I was told I needed a support chair of walking stick - I just laughed - I was already too muddled to find my legs let alone add a walking aid.

Tested positive for lyme in april 2009, saw the lyme doctor september 2009 who ran numerous tests including head MRI - thats when I knew the balance, the memory problems etc were real.

Started IV March 2010 then added Azithro last month and supposed to add flagyle but a little scared to add that.

Fast forward to today - I have been in my garden for about five or six hours a day for the last five days - hauled around about 10 bags of fertlizer/black earth - planted dozens of flowers.

This is an unbelievable change - I am not recovered by any means but I can finally function and move forward with my life.

My neurologist said some nerves can regenerate - I had a patch on my leg that has been numb for years - for several weeks I had attacks of like fork lightning in that area and now it has come back to life.

It is very rare to have balance or dizzy spells now but I do suffer horrendous lightning type pain and take tylenol 3 throught the day.

I see a homeopathic doctor to try to conteract any damage being done by antibiotics and to work on cysts on my liver kidney and gallbladder.

It is a long road but I do believe that the lesions will stop growing and if that is the case then I am just fine with what I have.

I don't know how old you are but I do know that for younger people who are still building a life it is so much more frustrating. You are on the right path and will find many people like you here so please post whenever you are overwhelmed some one will pop up to help you.

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