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Posted by tomcla2175 (Member # 24681) on :
Received Igenex results for my sister today. If you could please give me your input.

IFA B. Burgdorferi G/M/A 1:80 titer
Lyme Western Blot IGM Igenex-Neg
34 IND
39 IND

Lyme Western Blot IGG Igenex-Neg
39 IND
Genomic-B Burgdorferi-neg
Plasmid-B Burgdorferi-neg
(serum and whole blood)

B. microti IgM <1:20 titer
B. microti IgG <1:40 titer

Babesia Fish Negative

Human ehrlichiosis
E.chaffeensis IgM 1:80 titer
E.chaffeensis IgG <1:40 titer
A. Phagocytophilium IgM <1:20 titer
A. pphagocytophilum IgG <1:40 titer

Bartonella IgM <1:40 titer Neg
IgG <1:40 titer Neg

Rickettsia IFA-IgG
Spotted Fever Group IgG 1:40 titer
Typhus Fever Group IgG 1:40 titer

Rickettsia PCR Panel
R. rickettaii Neg
R fellis/typhi Neg

My sister's husband works with two doctors one felt this was a postive report for LD the other did not. Any input will be helpful...My brother in law is ready to throw in the towel on my sister. When she had breast cancer a year and a half ago he could deal with it. It was proven and concrete. The LD however is not and he finds it very difficult to deal with her pychiatric problems now and before her cancer diagnosis and has lost his patience with her. Please any information would be greatly appreciated. We do not know what to do for her...Thanks
Posted by Pinelady (Member # 18524) on :
Yes I would treat and then if not getting results-test some more. If her immune system is off

from the cancer and Lyme plus all the other stuff she may be infected with it. She most likely is

multiply infected with a little of everything. It might be wise to find the best immune supporting

doctor you can find to treat everything.
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
My daughter was treated on a similar result. She didn't have a whole lot of symptoms, so the doctor did a test of abx and her diagnosis was confirmed due to her reaction to them.
Posted by FunkOdyssey (Member # 15855) on :
I just have to say its reassuring to see Igenex negatives posted on here. Lends more credibility to the test. Critics are always claiming Igenex produces nothing but positive results.

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