This is topic Taking Ceftin and Zith. Both one pill 2 times a day. Can I take them together? in forum Medical Questions at LymeNet Flash.

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Posted by BackinStOlaf (Member # 23725) on :
2 together in the morning, 2 together at night? Or should I separate them?
Posted by jkmom (Member # 14004) on :
My daughter and I always take all of our abx together, if possible. When she was taking 3, I gave her 2 together and waited an hour to give her the last one. All 3 together hurt her stomach.

We have never had that combination, though.
Posted by pugs (Member # 20954) on :
My doctor has Rx'd a macrolide (biaxin or zith) with Ceftin with no problems if you take them together.
Posted by venus (Member # 16991) on :
Yes, you can take them together.

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