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Posted by NanaB (Member # 26227) on :
Does anyone here know how long Lyme Disease and co-infections have been around? I'm going to do Lyme testing Monday but have had many symptoms since early childhood. I'm a baby boomer.
Posted by seekhelp (Member # 15067) on :
There's a member named Elena here who often states Lyme was a bioweapon used in WWII and before.
Posted by Marrit (Member # 25454) on :
Timeline of important events in the history of Lyme Disease



The first recorded case of Lyme Disease is described by Alfred Buchwald. He described it as a degenerative skin disorder now known as ACA (acrodermatitis chronica atorphicans).


Arvid Afzelius presents his research on expanding ring like lesion (erythema migrans) associated with what would become known as Lyme Disease.


Arvid Afzelius publishes his work and speculates on the origin of the disease as the Ixodes Scapularis tick and connects the disease with joint problems.


The disease is found to be associated with neurological problems.


The disease is found to also cause psychiatric problems.


Appearance of EM or ACA is associated with benign lymphocytomas.

Arthritic symptoms are reported in connection with the disease.


Rudolph Scrimenti, professor of dermatology publishes reports of the rash .


Allen C. Steere, Yale, investigates a group of rashes and swollen joints in Lyme, Connecticut.
Scrimenti publishes about his treatment of the rash with penicillin.


A clustering of cases of the disease is reported in a Naval Medical Hospital in Connecticut.


Steere et. Al misdiagnoses Lyme Disease as juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and names the condition Lyme Arthritis.


The etiological agent of the disease, Borrelia burgdorferi, is discovered by Dr. Willy Burgdorfer.


Treatment of Lyme disease with oral and intravenous antibiotics begins and clinicians define the three stages of Lyme Disease.


Skeptics denounce the existence of Lyme Disease.


Lyme Disease Foundation (LDF) Founded.


Borrelia burgdorferi genome sequenced by TIGR.


Smith Kline Beecham receive FDA approval and place LYMErix vaccine on the market.


LYMErix vaccine removed from market.
Posted by NanaB (Member # 26227) on :
Wow. This goes way back. I guess it's entirely possible for me to have gotten this when I had a tick embedded in my head as a toddler.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
YES! WAY back!!!

Yes, you may have had it since childhood. I've had it for 51 yrs now... that I know of.
Posted by Geneal (Member # 10375) on :
I live on a river called the Tchefuncte (Chafunkta) in Louisiana.

There are Indian Buriel grounds about 5 miles from me.

Called the Tchefuncte Indian Buriel grounds.

They found that many Indians had syphilis.

They found many who had what they think was Lyme disease.

These buriel grounds date from 300 B.C. to 500 A.D.

Hows that for being around for some time?


Posted by Geneal (Member # 10375) on :
I meant burial not buriel. [bonk]


Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Yep, I would say that is going back some!

Hey, Geneal... edit it real quick (pencil/pad icon)... I'm the only one who saw the mistake! [lol] [Big Grin]
Posted by LymeMom Kellye (Member # 24807) on :
Hi NanaB, Welcome to our Lyme family! My daughter who is 16 had an imbedded tick removed from her head when she was 5. Didn't get diagnosed until she was 16. She has Lyme and 3 co-infections. Must have been some nasty tick!

My husband who is 59 was recently diagnosed. He had his first imbedded tick removed when he was 4. He has had several others over the past 30 years removed as well.

So yes, the tick from your childhood could very well be the culprit!

Take care, and be well.
Posted by Amanda (Member # 14107) on :
Actually, researchers from the University of Bath have shown that Borrelia burgdorferi came from Europe, originating from BEFORE THE ICE AGE. ITs been in America a long, long time.

you can read more here.
Posted by NanaB (Member # 26227) on :
Wow. Thanks, everyone. Very interesting information. For years I wondered if I was just crazy.

I talked to my mom the other day and told her my doc definitely dx me with CFS/Fibromyalgia and more than likely I have Lyme and maybe XMRV together.

She told me I never had the energy of other kids but she always thought I was just "lazy".

Gee thanks, Mom! So the times you visited me and I couldn't stay away to hold a decent conversation with you and just kept falling asleep - that was being lazy?

I'm sure you've all heard or gone through similar things with your family and others.

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