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Posted by groovy2 (Member # 6304) on :
Hi All --

Many of you have had to go threw the Hell that
relatives can put you threw about not believing
that you are sick or in pain -
Its all in your head--No one can be that sick --

Quit Feeling Sorry for your self --
You just a ***** -- Be a Man -
-and All of the other hell that people- friends-
doctors and relatives can say to you --

Well my father has said and put me threw ALL
of the above and Much Much more--

I am visiting him with the rest of my relatives
because today is his 92 birth day --

Me being the type person I am decided to let him getaway will ALL of the Mean and Rotten things
that he has said to me threw the 20 Horrible years that I have been sick --

Well on this visit I decided to Finally have it out with him and tell him what a ******* he
has been for the things that he has said and done to me ---

Now let me fill you in on a few other details
of what has happened over the last 2 years--

My Mother who was a Saint - A person that
that never said a bad word to me or any one else
that I know -- Died 2 years ago from cancer

She did have her doubts about
my illness but it is some what understandable
because what we go threw is Really a Horror
story that unless you have been threw the
gates of this Hell like we have is beyond
most peoples Imagination -Experience- Knowledge-

Most people Only Go threw a few hours or weeks
of Real Pain in there Whole Life --

Well My father now has been threw some loneliness
for the last 2 years but he is in Good shape
and is able to get out of the house and my 3 sisters and I phone him several times a week and visit him every month --
Most of his friends have died already But he did have friends --

So Really not a bad life at all --

In my case I decided not to put my friends
threw watching me wither away because really
No Good would come out of it and I would just be wasting time in their lives---

Threw these 20 years I never received even One phone call from my sisters but I do not
hold it against them because as I got sicker
I just slid out of there lives --->

Well tonight after my fathers birthday party
I was talking to him about some things and the
subject of Him being Lonely came up ---

My Father told me that he Could Not See how I was able to go for Many months at a time and not
talk to or see another person --

I told him that it was Not Easy or Fun but
that was the cards that I was dealt and I
just made the best out of it that I could --

My father likely still has Zero Clue about
All the Horrible Pain and Suffering that
I had to go threw -- and never will --

But He has been able to See just a Little Bit
of what I have gone threw the years --

So Now after the short talk we had tonight
I decided Not to Finally have it out with him--

I am telling you all this because I know
that Many of you are in the Same boat I am in
and that there is still Hope that people in your
lives will at some point in time Finally
Realize what a Hell that You are Going Threw--->


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Posted by littlebit27 (Member # 24477) on :
I'm sorry for what you've gone through. My mom is an RN and doesn't believe me at all. She worked for the NIH and doesn't believe the studies that come out of NIH. She thinks I have fibromyalgia or RA. She doesn't believe me and any time I talk about it she says yeah yeah yeah or immediately changes the subject.

Anyway I'm glad you didn't have it out with your 92 year old father-when I read that part I was thinking "Oh no." No matter how annoying old people are I just can't be mean to them lol.

And I'm also sorry for you that you spend much of your time alone, that is really sad. I've got my husband and lucky for me have friends IRL (in real life) who also have Lyme so we "get it." I also have my kids and my neighbors who are all really supportive-even the RN neighbor!

I'm sure there are Lymies near you-maybe you could find a Lyme friend who gets it? I have brothers but don't talk to them often-it's probably been six months since I talked to one and since 2004 since I talked to the other one. My mom never says how ya doing, and my father well he's a POS that i've only spoken to or see once in the the last oh...12 years.

Keep your head up and I hope your father will start to come around-and sorry for the loss of your mom-even if it was 2 yrs ago.
Posted by abigail (Member # 14936) on :
I am a 48 single female looking for man with Lyme. Can relocate. Any takers? One does not have to be lonely.
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
moving to general support

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