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Posted by 2roads (Member # 4409) on :

We are on Mepron/Zith and Bactrim 2 times a day. The doctor wants Art added.

Want to administer at a high therapeutic threshold time but also want to ease up on the liver etc. I know the half-life for Mep and Zith are long.

Any thoughts?

Thanks loads,

Posted by Lemon-Lyme (Member # 19229) on :
I'm also curious about this. I just started Art yesterday, and have been taking it at the same time as my Malarone... but no idea when it ideally should be dosed.

I think it's supposedly best taken away from food, but I'm a little afraid of stomach upset. And pulsing it seems to be the way to go, so I plan on trying 400mg/4 days a week/3 days off, split up as two daily 200mg doses.

But again, I am just guessing right now as to the best dose, and when to take.
Posted by 2roads (Member # 4409) on :
We are doing the same pulsing, 4 on 3 off. I think the dose sounds about right per the bottle. Splitting it up is good not to overload the body.

But when to administer w/r/to any antibiotics currently on?. Hmmmm.........

Any more thoughts?

Thanks Lemon.
Posted by 2roads (Member # 4409) on :
up?! [group hug]
Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
My now famous lyme doc had me take art twice a day on an empty stomach.

It didn't bother my stomach at all.

So, take it all by itself.
Posted by Lauralyme (Member # 15021) on :
It's best taken with grapefruit juice...prevents resistance
Posted by Lemon-Lyme (Member # 19229) on :
Unless the person is also taking other drugs that could be affected by grapefruit, which seems like most drugs.

I read one article somewhere (in a cancer forum, I think), that stated absorption was actually increased if fats were taken at the same time, sort of contradicting the empty stomach thing. But I'm not sure how true that is.
Posted by valeriedc (Member # 24950) on :
My lyme doc says to take it 2X per day with the meds continually. I experimented and found that taking it on an empty stomach, which I can not do with the meds, seems to result in a herx. Pulsing seems to be better than continually taking the art.
Posted by TF (Member # 14183) on :
This thread includes a study that shows why art needs to be pulsed:

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