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Posted by 2young2die (Member # 25434) on :
I just got a picc line. I'm encouraged because my IV rocephin has made me feel dramatically better. I was DX with ALS in Feb '10 and now walk a mile a day and my energy is about 70% back. I'm still working on my arms which have had nerve damage and muscle atrophy. My question is: What are the best picc covers for showers and for normal dry wear?
Posted by sammy (Member # 13952) on :
Drypro waterproof picc covers work well for showers. They are easy to use and durable.

You have a couple options for everyday picc coverage. You can get the stretchy mesh cover like they use in the hospital at your local pharmacy. The one I have is by Curad "Hold Tite tubular stretch bandage" size large. It is the most breathable option.

You can also buy a package of cheap cotton sport socks (with the long cuff) and cut the foot part off. This is mainly what I use on a daily basis. They are comfortable and breathable and washable. I change the sock daily like I do my other clothes. If you feel like it you can get creative and buy colored socks too.

If I'm feeling self conscious and don't want people staring at my sock arm in public I will wear a stretchy flesh colored Coban or ace bandage over the PICC site. My arm sweats more with these bandages so I don't chose to be vain very often!
Posted by soleil16 (Member # 16326) on :
For showering, I like the Medguard PICC cover. I have never had a problem with my arm getting wet, and I can still take long showers since the material is water proof. Only downside has been washing my hair with only one hand since this one covers the entire arm.
Posted by momofthree (Member # 19490) on :
I use "press and seal" plastic wrap. This is what my IV nurses suggested and it has kept me dry for months.
Posted by marypart (Member # 27012) on :
My son can swim in the pool with the DryPro Waterproof PICC cover. He also uses it for the shower. He wears it on the beach.

It's expensive, but if you get the right size it is excellent.

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