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Posted by MDW005 (Member # 22706) on :
I never said that I was smart these days.

I made a big... no HUGE mistake. Sunday I was listening to music on my lap top... Aaalot with ear phones on. family is not real crazy about my music these days.
Anyway, my ears feel deaf with pressure and I have these strange feelings in my brain...I know it sounds crazy.

how can I undo the damage I just created for myself?
Posted by MDW005 (Member # 22706) on :
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
If you have the homeopathic sublingual pellets, ARNICA, take some now. Continue every half hour for a while. If you have Arnica ointment (like in Traumeel, rub some behind your ears, not in them, though. This may have no effect but it also might help some and can't hurt.

When on antibiotics, are ears are much more likely to be damaged from lower levels of sound. It is best to avoid using headphones as the impulse is just too close to the tender ear nerves.

Let your ears rest with as much quiet as possible for a week or two. It's also best to stay off the telephone as that can be very hard on ears, too.

Wear ear plugs even with around a hairdryer, blender, vacuum, lawn tools, etc.

You might also call a hearing specialist and ask their advice. You need expert advice but I'm not sure what can reverse nerve damage other than QUIET, B-vitamins and the very best nutrition. An ear specialist would know more.

Steroids may actually be suggested and, in cases to save hearing, steroids may be required. If you wait, the nerve damage may not be able to be reversed. Talk to your LLMD if the ear doctor suggests steroids so they could be countered with safe measures. Normally, steroids are NOT good with lyme, but if you want to save your ear nerves, they may be necessary.

Sudden deafness - or loss of hearing to any degree - is a medical emergency.

You should call your family doctor now - as there may be emergency care that is best administered right away. You may be lucky and this may reverse itself but you'll need to be extra careful now and avoid headphones for up to year after being on any drugs that have ototoxic effects.

Avoid aspirin and Acetaminophen. Both are ototoxic (toxic to the ears).

Driving is to be avoided with the kinds of pressure you describe. With the damage still affecting the ear nerves, you may be getting all kinds of interesting effects in your ears and brain. Therefore, it's not really safe to drive. Also, be careful when walking to stay back from the sidewalk's edge in case you loose your balance.

With immediate medical care, this may reverse, over time. But you do need expert medical care as soon as possible. Good luck.


Specific for LYME patients - lots of details about ears and what can help:;f=1;t=065801

Topic: TINNITUS: Ringing Between The Ears; Vestibular, Balance, Hearing with compiled links - including HYPERACUSIS

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Posted by bcb1200 (Member # 25745) on :
My ears are my biggest problem. THey are better now. Tinnitus is not as loud. But they feel VERY stuffy and constantly pop. Drives me nuts.
Posted by MDW005 (Member # 22706) on :
Thank you keebler and bcb.

keebler where do I buy Arnica? My balance is off today. and ringing in the ears.

driving? I don't have a choice. I am leaving for Illinois this week and it is a 13 hr. trip.

Posted by jwall (Member # 22999) on :
My ears are bad too - fullness and popping and aching, but the aching seems to come and go, not like before when it was constant stabbing. i have head/neck pressure as well, so maybe it is all related.

will ear pressure reverse? what causes ear pressure?? My ENT said I need to use Nasonex, but every time I've tried it, my neuro. symptoms get really bad! I told her about it and she said she'd never heard of nasonex causing those kinds of side effects.

Anyhow, hope your ears get better! I can handle pain, but the ears might drive me crazy!
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
jwall... nasonex contains steroids.. so maybe that is why you react to it
Posted by MDW005 (Member # 22706) on :
Jwall... I had the same problems with Nasonex.
Tore me up. and the neuro issues intensified.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

Your ears were damaged by noise yesterday. Your ears "feel deaf" - "with pressure" & "strange feelings in your brain" -- a dangerous mix. This is a MEDICAL EMERGENCY.

If you have hearing damage from yesterday and that it still inflamed (as is very likely the case), driving can be very dangerous for you and everyone else on the road.

Damage to the ear nerves can cause all sorts of problems, not just with hearing.

Please go to Urgent care - or at least call your doctor first thing in the morning.. Arnica, as a homeopathic, might have helped as a stop gap until you could get to emergency care. It will not serve as complete care, not by a long shot.

You should probably cancel your trip. Your ears are your future and remember, even if you can't hear, the damage can still affect everything you do as the inner and middle ear keep us in balance, affect how we walk, talk, read, write and talk. Our ears affect our visual field to a huge extent.

You need emergency care if you really do have deafness from noise yesterday. The damage can keep occurring for some time after the noise damage, too. Please see an ear specialist.

Please, do not drive until you know the extent of this. If you are feeling unusual sensations in your brain, your ear nerves are just like a volcano right now and all bets are off.

There are other drivers out there who would like to see their family members at the end of their drive. If you cancel your trip, you will not be putting them in jeopardy. Your entire visual field could very well flip upside down, sideways, get jumpy or any of those combinations. It's very serious to get behind the wheel of a 2 ton vehicle if your eyes and balance system are not in good order.
Posted by MDW005 (Member # 22706) on :
Keebler, thank you for your concern.

I will call my dr. if not better in the a.m.

I leave on thursday, and if not better; well i just won't be able to help with the driving.I cannot cancel my trip.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
I do hope you can talk to a doctor tomorrow. Even if you feel better or get your hearing back soon, your ears will be much more sensitive now - for some time to come. You'll still need to see an ear specialist.

Be sure to avoid fireworks this weekend. Even if you still "feel deaf" and even with ear plugs, the noise could cause much more damage to your ears. Noise travels through our body, through bone - and through our nasal cavity, too.

There are no ear plugs that totally protect ears from the decibel level of most fireworks - especially since there are much more deep bursts of extreme low level vibrations these days with many fireworks displays - and that can also cause vertigo and nausea for those with ear symptoms.

So, it's safest to watch from a distance - far, far away. You'll feel much better for having done so, really. Also be sure to avoid anyplace with loud music. Quiet is the very best thing for the ear nerves for quite a while. It really matters so that you have a better chance of some level of recovery.
Posted by Remember to Smile (Member # 25481) on :
I've had MAJOR hyperaccusis, tinnitus, fluid in ears, and ongoing sinusitis. Fortunately, those sx seem to be tied to cyclic spirochete flares, so it's not a problem every week.

The full moon was Sat, so serious flares around that date are understandable. Are you all charting or journaling your sx?

Plain, generic nasal saline spray gives me some relief of symptoms. Can be done several times a day, but most important after being exposed to allergens and just before bed.

Gargling with warm salt water can help, too. Wash away the crud.

This weekend, i actually felt electrical shocks in my ear when i tried to use the phone. Nope, no lightning storm at the time!

Fortunately, my very respected & experienced LLMD says those sx should clear for me with tx and even said i don't need to see any hearing specialist.

Note i'm not a healthcare provider and ymmv. Just sharing my experiences.

BTW, i have Lyme neuroborreliosis, Babs, Bart, Ehrl, and some viruses.

Best wishes for quiet times,
Posted by Pinelady (Member # 18524) on :
My LLMD highly recommends Sweet Oil to protect the ears.

I have had a couple of episodes that the drops cleared up right away.

Wal mt.s are less than 5. $. It seems to work best after deep soaking in Epsoms a couple drops in each ear.
Posted by MDW005 (Member # 22706) on :
Keebler, Remember, and pinelady,

Thank you for your time and responses,

My ears are still tight this a.m. and was not able to see ENT until after my trip. I will avoid all noises as possible. and I won't drive.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Did you tell the ENT's office manager that your ""ears feel deaf" ?

And, if they were booked up, did they not refer you to another ENT?

If you your "ears feel deaf " as you described yesterday - get to URGENT CARE. I cannot tell you how important this is. This is a very narrow window of opportunity to preserve your auditory nerves.

Today, you don't say that is gone. I don't know what "tightness" means. Can you hear? Just as before the noise damage?

Still, if your "ears felt deaf" yesterday, you really need emergency medical care. There is surely more than one ENT in your town.

Take a barf bag for your car trip. With the recent damage, there is an increased chance for motion sickness. GINGER Capsules may help prevent that. Sit in the front passenger's seat and keep you eyes straight ahead. When going over a bridge, look at the pavement directly in front of the car.

If you can't sit in the front passenger's seat, the seat behind that is second best. Then, the middle back. The worst is the seat directly behind the driver as there is just too much movement from the road that your eyes have to track and that is very hard in the ears, your brain and your adrenal system.

Be sure to keep the music way down. You might do best telling your travel companions of this need before hand. If they can't agree, it's just not going to be a safe environment for you.

At all costs, your ears need to nurtured for some time to come. I still think it's best to cancel your trip and rest your ears in quiet. That is also best done lying at a 30 degree incline (head/torso raised up a bit).

Take care.

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Posted by MDW005 (Member # 22706) on :

My ENT is a very busy man well known , one of the best around here. He is booked and I am on a
list if someone cancels.

my ears are better... feels like alot of inflamation and and some burning in the canal.
No I don't hear as well...but better than yesterday.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Inflammation is the body's way of handling an assault. Burning ears after noise damage can indicate nerve damage, as does the hearing loss.

The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) is the nation's leading organization representing people with hearing loss.


New to Hearing Loss; Hearing Loss Basics
Posted by MDW005 (Member # 22706) on :
Keebler... Thank you so much and for the links.

I will see my ENT on the 14th. of July and go from there. I have had problems with my ears for about a year now, this was just ignorence on my part.

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