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Posted by LymeGoAway (Member # 25041) on :
I was infected in March 2008, diagnosed in late July 2008 and took three weeks of doxy right after diagnosis. Like many, I got even sicker after taking the doxy--nausea, horrible anxiety, etc. I'm sure much of it was a really bad, lengthy herx.

I've been on penicillin vk for almost seven months now, with some herxing, but nothing like what happened when I took the doxy.

LLMD wants me to switch to Ceftin, which I'm happy to do, because I don't think the pencillin is helping much. Still have fatigue, aching muscles and tingling, and the darn head pressure and anxiety has been coming and going since last week.

I'm fine with switching to the Ceftin, but I'm worried about whether it will give me a horrible herx like what happened with the doxy. We're right in the middle of vacation season at work, and I need to be able to function and think, so I'm probably going to hold off switching for a month or so.

Just wondering about others' herx experiences when they switched to Ceftin. Should I be worried?
Posted by LymeGoAway (Member # 25041) on :
Posted by Dania84 (Member # 26278) on :
I also had a bad experience with Doxy. I switched to Ceftin and im noticing an improvement and the herxing isnt as bad!
Posted by LymeGoAway (Member # 25041) on :
Thanks, Dania84. How long have you been on the Ceftin?

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