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Posted by Dawn in VA (Member # 9693) on :
I am so not satisfied with the type I'm using now, as it has not improved ANY of my symptoms. Although I do "OK" on oral supplementation and it certainly helps some, I can't take enough due to stomach issues.

Preferably, I'd like a form (MgCl)that I can still use with my Lightworks machine.

Also, quick question for those using the topical stuff- when do you take your oral/sublingual B6- same time or beforehand to make sure it's already in the bloodstream by the time you apply your transdermal Mg?

Posted by Dawn in VA (Member # 9693) on :
Posted by Marnie (Member # 773) on :
Sublingual meds work fast...very.

Absorption of Mg via the skin is somewhat slower.

Mg is avail. via Liquimins in a small blue glass bottle (not expensive).

2 dropper-fulls applied to the skin = 400mg of Mg (roughly the RDA).

(The one I have and have used/tried.)

If we sort of follow the process that was done in Germany...

Supplementation was done AFTER the treatment.

Theoretically...if we apply it to "thinner" skin areas, it may get into the blood stream faster.


Posted by Dawn in VA (Member # 9693) on :
Thanks for the link and info as always, Marnie!

OK, given the sublingual thing- just to clarify- do you mean there's a decent form of sl Mg or were you referring to the B6 (I assume the latter)?

Ah yes, makes sense to take the sl B6 after topical Mg given relative absorption rates.
Posted by Marnie (Member # 773) on :
Under the tongue B6 (called coenzymated B6) by Source Naturals.

Not expensive.

Topical application of the liquid ionic Mg. Simply apply some on your skin.

If very "acidic", the area may burn for just a few minutes.

Mg works WITH B6.

MgPyrophosphate (MgPPi) and sublingual B6 are the nutrients used in Valletta's "Magnesium for Autoimmune" U.S. patent.
Posted by TnFlowerChild (Member # 24717) on :
Dawn - your mailbox is full - I tried to send you a message about a magnesium lotion I recently found. It is great.

Get in touch and I'll send the info -
Posted by Dawn in VA (Member # 9693) on :
Sorry, time to clean house (literally and virtually! ;-) Will do and thanks!
Posted by TnFlowerChild (Member # 24717) on :
Frustration.... I typed in a whole new message again... and it rejected again, still a full mailbox.

Since he is not an LLMD and not actually practicing medicine (taking patients) - can I post his name or website?

Six??? Lymetoo???

This Dr has formulated a magnesium lotion for topical application. He is a former neurologist and pain specialist - actually well known and well respected.
Posted by Dawn in VA (Member # 9693) on :
TFC, I really did clean out my box, promise!

Maybe there's a glitch in the system.
I'll send you a PM with my email address if that's OK.

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