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Posted by LymeXtu (Member # 24590) on :
Does anyone know if Bart can sit dormant in your body like Lyme and become active during times of stress etc ?

Also do Bart rashes go away with treatment ?

Or if the rash persists but no other symptoms is it safe to discontinue treatment ?

Thanks in advance for any replies.
Posted by nefferdun (Member # 20157) on :
Those are excellent questions, ones I have had myself, but gotten no information on yet. Maybe someone will know.

I can tell you though that I had pigmentation changes in my skin - dark spots and areas with no color - which went away with bart treatment. I have swelling on one side of my lower legs. It is reduced, nearly gone on one of my legs.

And I have read in Dr. S's book that the rashes will fade in color. I don't know if these things should completely disappear before it is safe to quit treatment but I am suspecting that is the case.

It also seems like one infections can stand out and when that one is under control another infections takes off. So I guess bart could smolder and then rage when the lyme is being attacked. But I don't know if it can actually be in a dormant state like lyme does forming a cyst.
Posted by jarjar (Member # 8847) on :
I have read bart can remain dormant in the body awhile back.

I recently added Deseret Biologicals Homeopathic Bartonella Series to attack it. I had Bart streaks pop up left and right when I first started but they have stopped and have faded out.

I would think if you continue to have bart rashes you need to continue treatment or switch to another bart treatment.
Posted by TS96 (Member # 14048) on :
I had bartonella as a little girl in 1976.

I had a "normal" childhood except for learning disabilities and a few strange episodes of electric shocks followed by days of fatigue.

It wasn't till I got pregnant with my first child in 99 that all **ll broke loose with a severe case of "fibromyalgia and CFS.

I'm much better now and no Bartonella rage sence treatment.
Posted by Amelia (Member # 17677) on :
Does anyone know if you can completely eradicate bart or do you just knock it down enough to not flare? Since it is a bacteria I would think it would be able to regenerate if you don't eradicate it? Thanks too for this if anyone has an answer...
Posted by bcb1200 (Member # 25745) on :
Don't know...but from what I hear about disseminated lyme is there is no way to completely get rid of it. I assume that is also the case for Bart.

The key is to knock it down so that your body keeps it in check and you feel normal.

That is rather common. For example..chicken pox virus. If you have had Chicken STILL DO. Your body is keeping in in check. But it could flare later in life as shingles.

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