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Posted by Neil M Martin (Member # 2357) on :
From the NIH yet. My emphasis. Maybe why my CBC indicates elevated white blood cells but low lymphocyte levels? Has Bb killed them or caused them to self destruct?

My CD 57 tests range 0-2.

Microb Pathog. 2003 Oct;35(4):139-45.
Lymphocyte apoptosis co-cultured with Borrelia burgdorferi.[/B]
Perticarari S, Presani G, Prodan M, Granzotto M, Murgia R, Cinco M.

Laboratorio di Immunologia, IRCCS Burlo Garofolo, Via Dell'Istria 65/1, Trieste 34147, Italy. [email protected]

Erratum in:

Microb Pathog. 2004 Mar;36(3):175.

Borrelia burgdorferi is the causative agent of Lyme disease. We investigated whether the in vitro co-cultivation of lymphocytes with spirochetes would induce apoptosis in human lymphocytes. Peripheral blood mononuclear cell were mixed with various ratio of cell/spirochetes (1:10, 1:20, 1:50, 1:100) and incubated in a humified atmosphere of 5% CO(2) at 37 degrees C. Apoptosis was determined at 0, 4, 24 h by Annexin V binding assay and propidium iodide staining, and by CD95 Apo-1 expression. Analysis was performed by multiparametric flow cytometry on CD3, CD4, CD8, CD19 subset of lymphocytes. The binding of Annexin V increased at 24 h in T lymphocytes infected by living spirochetes at ratio 1:50; similar results were obtained with inactivated or sonicated spirochetes and lipidated OspC. The rate of Annexin V binding and pattern of CD95 over-expression were different in CD3, CD4, CD8 and CD19 subset; interleukine-10 (IL-10) was measured in supernatants of cultures after treatment with Borrelia preparations and with OspA and OspC, lipidated or not. Our data suggest that spirochetes were able to induce apoptosis on lymphocytes ; the phenomenon appears associated with number of spirochetes, incubation time and the release of IL-10 in co-cultures. Moreover apoptosis was probably Fas-mediated and the cells involved were prevalently CD4.
Posted by Marnie (Member # 773) on :
P13K pathway triggered.

Phosphoinositide 3-kinases (PI 3-kinases or PI3Ks)

SEE it here...make the picture bigger and look at it closely (scroll down to: Overview of signal transduction pathways involved in apoptosis)

Apoptosis = cell death.

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