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Posted by mjbucuk (Member # 843) on :
We have only had very low titers on IgG for Bartonella hensalae and multiple doctors have blown us off here in TX. Now we are going to see Dr F in Arizona to try to get treatment.

Several of us across 2 families are sick with something that causes bartonella symptoms including headaches, extra capillaries & veins, pain in feet to name just a few. Animals in homes have either tested 1+ (not infected) or 4+ (highly positive) at national vet labs in NJ by western blot.

My labs just came back from Igenex and they were only 1:40 IgG (which is to be considered negative). Awaiting bloodwork for 2 more people. There is a note on the labs that states that positive IgG could be cross reactive with B. quintana.

What do you all think: BLO, B quintana, B hensalae, something else? [bonk]

Have you used Dr F?

Need feedback please! [confused]
Posted by seekhelp (Member # 15067) on :
I have never had anything remotely positive on any Bartonella test from any lab.
Posted by blinkie (Member # 14470) on :
My dog tested 1+ also. They say sh'e negative, but I disagree. She's not well.
Posted by mjbucuk (Member # 843) on :
We are treating the 1+ animals as well as the 4+. The lab actually sees at least one band on the bartonella western blot for a 1+ diagnosis --- but statistically feel there needs to be more bands to actually have a positive bartonella diagnosis. It's similar to saying you do not have Lyme if you only have band 41.... at least some people DO have lyme anyway. For those of you unfamiliar National Vet Labs a 0 or a 1+ is considered negative; 4+ is the highest reading for bartonella.
Posted by TN Kim (Member # 26729) on :
You had your pets tested? Can I ask why? I love my pets so I'm not saying that it's not a

good idea, I'm just wondering what prompted it! [Wink]

Also, can someone please tell me what BLO is? I've now seen it on two posts and am clueless!

Posted by mjbucuk (Member # 843) on :
We had our cats and dogs tested because we were told that bartonella was not documented as being transmissible from one person to another by breitschwiert of galaxay labs. We figured we needed to look for any possible ways it could be transmitted to my son's girlfriend (and now her mom). Of course, we will never really know the route of transmission. It would be nice to know what we were treating though.... and of course route of transmission might help keep anyone else from getting sick.
Posted by mjbucuk (Member # 843) on :
BLO means bartonella-like organism. I believe symptoms overlap with bartonella, but it does not turn up positive on bartonella tests.
Posted by blinkie (Member # 14470) on :
what are you treating them with, may I ask? I need to treat mine...I have three and they all show symptoms of something. I think they've passed it amongst eachother.
Posted by mjbucuk (Member # 843) on :
well, it I must first say that there is no real consensus on whether it will work, or if they will relapse. My vet first prescribed zithromax for 3 wks each and now is giving cipro. The problem is that antibodies take several months to come down. [Personally I had two weeks of zithro and bactrim myself and relapsed a week later. Hw will we know if an animal relapses if they ar showing little symptom-wise... and possibly reinfecting us or vice versa.] One vet said she likes to treat for 8 months. Don't know how many vets will do that...Sorry to be so negative; just trying to be honest - it is all so heartbreaking.
Posted by galehane (Member # 15437) on :
From Prof breidtschwerdts research it is clear that there are numerous bartoenlla species that can infect humans and that titers/antibodies may not be present.
there is a reliable test at

Posted by blinkie (Member # 14470) on :
this is such an interesting topic. I had my one dog tested at the same lab as you. Got the 1+

Now, she either has something else with it or is having symptoms of bart. To answer your questions, I don't know what strain it is either. I was also bit by a tick so I could have had multiple strains.

Dogs also bit by ticks and scratched me badly once.

My dogs eat grass all the time, the one tested, hide all the time like she's not feeling well, doean't ever want to eat breakfast, and other symptoms. I've treated her with zith and something else, can't remember what though.

i'm thinking about treating her for babs since i have some leftover mepron I can't seem to get rid of.
Posted by troutscout (Member # 3121) on :
It sounds like chlamydia pneumonae to me could also be the culprit.


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